Monday, March 30, 2009

March was a very busy month for me...

Hi, there, Romance Lovers!

March has been a wonderfully busy month for me, and I have enjoyed every hectic, crazy minute of it!

I've met and gotten to know so many wonderful authors, and have had the fabulous opportunity to read so many great Romance novels, novellas, Quickies, and short stories, I genuinely wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

I made a few mis-steps and faux-pas the first few times I ventured out into the world of Romance, but there were so many hands willing to help pick me up, dust me off, and toss me back into the pond, it was amazing. Romance authors are truly the best kind of people!

It's been a month of discoveries. A month of making new, and hopefully, lasting friendships. I want all of you to know that I've never had a "job" I've enjoyed as much as I love writing (and reading) Romance. It is a fabulous job that brings pleasure and happiness to others, as well as to me, and I feel deeply honored to have found so many new friends who feel same the way I do.

Kudos to each and every one of you who have worked so hard to produce these fabulous reads. You have helped make a dreary world a hotter, sexier, and more enjoyable place to live!

Salt Lake City Romance Novels Examiner: Welcome, Romance Lovers! Book Reviews today!

Salt Lake City Romance Novels Examiner: Welcome, Romance Lovers! Book Reviews today!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, Romance Lovers!

Why Do People Adore Romance Novels?

A recent economic news report stated that one of every four books purchased in this economic upheaval is a Romance Book! I find that wonderfully reassuring! Not because it means job security for me and my fellow Romance authors...but because it means people still can believe in something so breathtaking, stimulating, and fantastic in a time when things look pretty bad. Love and Romance are what we seek when things look desperate.

I recently asked a dear old friend what kind of romance books she likes to read. She looked at me like I was nuts, and smiled cryptically..."Any kind that rings my bells and blows my whistle."

Well, my friends...I introduced her to the sheer numbers of fabulous Romance e-books available on EC's and RP's websites, and she was ecstatic. No more eBay for her! No more SH that doubles the price of the books purchased! She is officially an e-book reader now. As she is retired, she was frustrated by the cost of buying new books online. She is now a definite fan, and we have gained a new customer!

So tell your friends about our books. Tell them the benefits of buying e-Publications. Save them some bucks, and they will come back again and again!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well...I'ts Almost The Ides Of March...

Frankly, I am totally disgusted! These three fabulous covers (plus about ten more) were dumped from my PhotoBucket Slide Show because PhotoBucket deemed them to be "objectionable". Holy Cowboy hats, Batman! What on earth is objectionable in these covers? They all seem to have one thing in common...the male torsos are beautifully built...and the pants seem to be on their way off (or in one case, already off), but nothing shows that could be considered by most of us to be too naughty to view.

I am busily making up a new slideshow of all the "rejected" covers. I will put pink tutus on the guys, and see if PhotoBucket thinks that's "objectionable".

Censorship is fine, if little kids are going to see the pictures...but these are all on private slide shows that are only viewed by adults. Personally, I'm extremely incensed that my private adults-only display is considered to be obscene by PhotoBucket. 'Nuff said!

Salt Lake City Romance Novels Examiner: Welcome, Romance Lovers! Hot romance author Afton Locke is joining us today!

Salt Lake City Romance Novels Examiner: Welcome, Romance Lovers! Hot romance author Afton Locke is joining us today!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi, There, Romance Authors!

Two things I love as much as Roses -

I love chocolate - dark, silken, decadently rich, or smooth, creamy milk or white chocolate!

And I love Romance! Hot, sensual, delicious - or sweet, comfy and humorous!

I adore all kinds of romance, and I am following in the footsteps of my friends Maddie James and Sally Painter by joining with as a Romance Novel Examiner in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. As a Romance Novel Examiner, I will be doing interviews with my favorite authors, book reviews, and excerpts! I plan to contact all of you, one at a time, and get the skinny on your books, why you started writing, what prompted you to become a Romance Novelist, and so on.

I would appreciate your input, and would love it if you volunteered to give me interviews, tell me what books you want hyped, etc. This is gonna be fun!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Started A Brand New Blog Just For Book Reviews!

Hi There, Romance Lovers!

Because I have been doing so many book reviews, I decided they deserved a blog of their own. So I have placed all the current reviews as well as any new ones there! Don't forget to bookmark these pages! I'll see you there!

So drop on over and check it out. From now on, all my reviews will go there, as well as onto my web pages at:

Fran Lee's Romance Website

Now I can just do my blogging here, and I won't have to archive so often. :)

Short But Sweet Book Review 3/01/09

The Blank Book
Magdalena Scott

2008 Resplendence Publishing

Ms. Scott has presented us with a fast-moving plot, a wonderfully sexy pair of well-matched characters, and an engaging and enjoyable cannot-put-it-down read! Fun and sexy, this one is a real winner!

~I give it an 8.0 on the Richter Scale~