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Title: Out of Her Dreams
Author: Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Publisher URL: 
Reviewer: LT Blue
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: Orgasmic
Samantha (Sam) Hastings has made a career of writing a series of books about the man of her dreams. He has been coming to her dreams for the past few years and she has used him and his likeness just from her memories. David Chance couldn’t believe it when he discovered that an author was writing about him and he didn’t know it. As outraged as he is, he is drawn to the photo insert in Sam’s books and getting her under him is becoming more important than getting payment for the use of his likeness. Sam had no idea that during a book signing she would literally meet the man she has only dreamt about. It turns out David is a popular professional wrestler. David will have to use cunning to keep Sam by his side. How else will he ever recoup what is due to him?

Out of Her Dreams doesn’t have any magic, paranormal, action, or suspense yet it kept and held my interest until the very end. It is a modern day love affair with a sexual kick that kept my engine revved and ready for action. Sam and David are excellent characters who are able to carry this story without a lot of background noise and few secondary characters. The sexual chemistry between them was like a match to flammable oil the first time their skin connected. I had to keep the air conditioner on super high and the towels at the ready each time these two came together sexually and boy was it a lot. I enjoyed Sam’s character because she was just so darn realistic that I could place myself in her shoes at any moment. David is an Alpha man, the kind that I love, dominant and self assured until it comes for his love of a good woman. He gets that mental kick in the butt. I truly loved this story and didn’t want to let David or Sam say goodbye to me. Out of Her Dreams was more than I imagined and I can’t wait to tell everyone to pick it up for a long night of orgasms. Keep your toys close and your partner closer!

LT Blue
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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