The Romance Reader's Connection review of Hallie's Cats

The Romance Reader’s Connection Review:


Fran Lee   
Ellora's Cave        
ISBN #  9781419923289                                                                
August 2009
Ultimate Romance

Hallie James is thirty-four years old, recently divorced, and has moved to Rutledge to escape bad memories.  As Hallie was walking home from work, a pit bull came right at her at full speed.  With no where to run she stood paralyzed waiting for the dog to attack.  Suddenly there was a man in front of her, she wondered what it was about this man that makes her lose all common sense. Danger is coming her way, is she strong enough to deal with the threat?

Gar had a debt to pay to an old man.  He (the old man) saved Cal's life and he gave three wanderers a home, no questions asked.  So when Hallie moved into the old Halleran place up the hill, Gar took it upon himself to protect this innocent female.  Although he was very attracted to her, he never expected her to be so responsive to him.  Only one of his own kind should have been able to recognize his scent.  Will she accept that it will not be a monogamous relationship?

HALLIE'S CATS is an erotic romance where author Fran Lee gives us a look into the world of shape-shifters.  Gar and Hallie are ideal for each other and I'm hoping to see Cal get his own story.  This a short story, so the reading is fast paced, and the sex is hot!  This is one you don't want to miss. 

Reviewed by  Gloria Gehres    
Rated:  4 !!!

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