Friday, August 30, 2013

I have cover art...

Love Syneca...

And I love David Nieves...what's not to adore? So what do you think? I hope the edits (coming in about three weeks, according to my editor) are as quick as the art work. I'm hoping that this book gets out before year's end.

Almost halfway through my next wip. I think my muse is back on board and ready to rock. I sure as heck need to keep busy and to get my fanny in gear.

Congrats to Gloria Shaw, winner of my birthday giveaway. Enjoy the book, darlin'...



Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm having a birthday party for me...

And I'm giving away a copy of Licking Her Wounds!

I will officially be OLD AS DIRT on Monday, and to keep my mind off my deteriorating body and mind, I will happily give a copy of this one to one of the few people who comment on my posts. (So that gives you a one-in-four chance of winning!)

There IS a catch, your comment, you must tell me which of my books you like the best (that means, of course, that you must have read at least one of them), and which part you liked the best. PLUS you must put your e-mail address and your name so I know who gets the prize.

Easy go on and leave me a comment.  I'll choose the winner on August 30th at midnight.


Fran Lee

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's in a name? One heck of a lot!

When I am madly searching my mind for character names...

I try to come up with something that hasn't been overused...something that has a definite zing to it. My heroes must have names that remain firmly embedded in a reader's mind. My heroines must have names that symbolize what kind of woman each is. And that is not an easy task. Take Uncertainly Yours, for example...

Jacqueline O'Halleran (aka "Jack") and Lance Blackfeather. Of course, my heroines are often tomboy types, so Jack lives up to her name. And of course, the name Lance brings to mind amazing phallic images for most of us with happily dirty minds. It also keeps with the Native American imagery.

And, of course, Woman on Fire had a few twists, so to speak...when the heroine (who was a red haired, blue-eyed pale face) was named Cheyenne Red Wolf. And our hero was named Azrael (the Arabic/Hebrew name for the angel of death) Thunderhorse. Cheyenne was raised by her Native American adoptive father and grew up more Indian than Anglo. And Azrael's mom didn't think he deserved to be saddled with a name like "Bubba" or Jim Boy". 

 Now, Never Tempt Fate has a heroine with a simple, traditional name that has a connotation of prim and proper. Christine (Chris) Lange is not your world wise, jaded gal, and she has absolutely no luck when it comes to men. In spite of her age and her experience, her experience of men is nil. Antonio hates to have anyone call him by his full given name, and prefers "Tonio" to prove she isn't under his thumb, Chris calls him Antonio. 

When I used to write my stories back when I was a brat, I used the exact same name for every hero and heroine, just to keep it simple. But when I subbed the stories many years later to a publisher, I had to think up something unique for each couple. Or think up a unique twist on the way each character views their own name.

Names are very personal, very important issues for authors. I sometimes start reading a book or story I have purchased, and I cringe when I try to place the name given with the hot, sexy character I am reading about. Unless the story is tongue-in-cheek...and then I totally suspend my own thoughts, and go with the flow and the fun.

What are your thoughts on names for characters? Do you often find yourself making up new, sexier names for the characters you read about in books? Something that flips YOUR switch? I have to admit, I certainly do from time to time. LOL!


Fran Lee