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Posted February 13, 2014

I have read all of Fran Lee's books, but have loved her Native American heroes most!

I have read all of Fran Lee's books, but have loved her Native American books the best, and this one has not only a NA hero, but a hot NA heroine! I keep wondering why Fran Lee is not on those best seller lists I see, and I think I know why. Fran Lee is a delicious, hidden secret! I sent her a fan email when I bought Nothing but Sex (also available here on Barnes&Noble) and told her I loved her books. She was so kind as to instantly send me a signed cover flat, which is now framed and sitting on my knickknack shelf.

Skinwalker's Woman had me locked to my sofa from the moment I opened it on my nook reader, and I finished it in about four hours. I could have definitely used another 100 pages or so, but it ended so well, leaving me totally satisfied and happy, I can't really complain. This novella is just another example of this author's hot, sexy, belly-clenching writing style, and the love scenes had me getting up to run for ice water. I finally wised up and finished it in the kitchen next to the fridge. I also adore her way of making both the hero and heroine so real, I feel like I know them. Her heroes are hot, alpha, and totally imperfect, which makes me wish I didn't keep looking for perfection in my men.

I totally recommend this book, and ALL of her books, to readers who want a great love story tied into a hot and sexy romance.

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