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Hallie's Cats by Fran Lee

Written by Lila   
Monday, 31 August 2009

Title: Hallie's Cats
Author: Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: paranormal, menage, shapeshifter
Publication date: July 2009
ISBN: 9781419923289
Pages: 69
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Lila
Heat Level:  2 chili peppers  
Rating:  FOUR Lips 

Hallie James has moved to Rutledge to escape bad memories of a divorce, and the little town seems like just the place to start over.  There is more to her though than she knows.

Gar has been keeping an eye on Hallie for awhile now.  So when his dog gets loose one night when she's out walking and scares the pants off of her, he comes to her rescue.  Something very strange happens between the two of them.  Gar is no ordinary man.  He's a leopard shifter, and Hallie has no idea what danger he could be in by keeping her safe.  All she knows is that he puts out some wicked pheromones that knock her socks off.  Once she bonds with him, she starts to see visions that are disturbingly and hauntingly familiar. Visions that are about Gar's dead soul mate. 

And what about Gar's sinfully sexy little brother Cal?  Hallie finds she's just as wildly attracted to him as she is to Gar. All these relations are new and foreign to her. Can she learn to live with not just one shifter male, but two?  Especially when all they want to do is pleasure her and fulfill her every desire?

Fran Lee’s Hallie’s Cats is a whirlwind romance that sweeps you up fast. There is a lot of story in the short amount of pages, and Ms. Lee did a very good job of keeping the flow of the book moving quickly along.  This is a whole new genre for Ms. Lee…I am hoping that Ms. Lee will continue this series and delve more into this intriguing trio. Hallie’s Cat’s is definitely a good quick foray into the very erotic paranormal world of Fran Lee.

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