Woman on Fire review by Veiled Secrets

It took Azrael Thunder Horse a long time to regain his identity after he became westernized in Hollywood. Making movies and lots of money had so taken over his life that after a time Azrael didn't even recognize himself.  One day he just walked away from that life and returned to his roots on the Lakota reservation, where he is now Principal of the school.  He's dedicated his life to his people now, and he has the money to make a difference.  Azrael only wants those who live the life and understand what it is to have this heritage to teach the future generations of his people.  He wants his people to pass their knowledge on to the children, just as it was done in the past.    
Azrael's hired Cheyenne Red Wolf to teach Native American Studies, expecting her to be a Native American, but Cheyenne is a white woman, raised by an Indian Father.  After loosing her Father Cheyenne 's Mother had married again, to a wonderful man from the Lakota tribe.  Cheyenne loved her new Father so much that she followed in his footsteps, following the Lakota rituals she learned from him.  She meets Azrael on her very first day at the school, and he is shocked to find he hired a white woman.  As they lock with heated words Azrael is strangely overcome with feelings for Cheyenne.  He had vowed to never be with a white woman again, and now he finds himself wanting Cheyenne in his life and his bed.  Soon, Cheyenne shows him exactly what she is made of and what a magnificent woman she is.  Not only do they have a scorching connection that heats up the sheets, but they discover there is more to their attraction, they have a deep connection that will make Azrael do everything in his power to keep his intoxicating Cheyenne, for she is his and he'll never let her go.
Woman on Fire grabbed my heart and mind and wouldn't let go.  I was eagerly reading each page, not wanting to miss a word as the story unfolded and we learn who Azrael is and what he had become, and who Cheyenne is underneath the surface.  The stunningly sexy scenes where they battle heatedly, yet Azrael seduces her into his bed and his life are enchanting.  I especially enjoyed the way that Fran Lee told the stories of Cheyenne growing up and Azrael's struggles to return to his heritage.  They became real to me.
This is a powerful story of love struggling to come alive for these two amazing people who share the same heritage, though Cheyenne wasn't born to it.  I hope that Fran Lee will continue to write more books about Native Americans and their loves as I have thoroughly enjoyed this second book in this series.  Don't miss Woman on Fire, it's a story that conveys deep abiding passion and love.

Judy King
Author:  Fran Lee
Category: Moderne, Contemporary
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Romantica Publications

rating: FIVE Silver Dragons

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