Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let's try something different...

Hunter's Moon
Excerpt Copyright 2015 Fran Lee
Note: explicit and naughty words...adults only need to read.
His palms gently squeezed her butt and sent a thrill of heat through her body. His mouth dropped to take hers as she closed her eyes with reaction, and he instantly deepened the kiss as she gave a moan of pleasure deep in her throat. She felt his hands lifting her bodily from her feet, and she instantly wrapped her legs about him again, her pussy throbbing and her mind swirling. He was amazingly hard and thick again, and she realized shakily that she was panting as she began to thrust her center against his bulging jeans like some mindless nympho.

Gareth closed his eyes and groaned. There went another pair of perfectly good jeans! He walked into her bedroom and sank backward on her mattress, adjusting his body so that she could apply as much or as little pressure to her thrusts as she wished. He bit his lip as she ran her mouth over his throat so delightfully, causing him to shiver and thrust upward to give her what she so desperately wanted.  He felt her lips seeking his, and opened to her hungry, questing kiss, thrilling to her tongue stroking into his mouth and dancing with his own.

But instead of simply letting her ride him until she came, he slowly shoved her soft blouse up over her silky bra, and released the front clasp. She jerked back, but he murmured huskily into her ear that he wanted her to feel even more pleasure. And she gasped as his palms slowly, pleasurably cupped and kneaded her breasts, his thumbs gently thrumming her hard nipples until she threw back her head and gave a sexy cry and came so hard that she was totally mindless for several moments.

Gareth waited for her to sit up slightly, and then caught her right nipple in his lips, sucking the swollen tip deep into his mouth as he placed his hands on her hips and continued to rock her body against his, seeking his own breathless release.  He moved to the other nipple and heard her gasping intake of breath. She moaned as she readied for a second climax, and her body quickened its pace. He gave a muffled shout of pleasure as he came harder than before, flooding his jeans with an unbelievable ejaculation that continued for several long, heady moments before subsiding.

She lay helpless on his body as both of them fought for breath. He laughed shakily beside her ear, “I gave you two for my one—you owe me one.”

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  1. Congratulations Kate Pyper. Loved the excerpt Fran.

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  2. Thanks, Sherry. Still waiting to hear from my winner. I may have to give her a nudge. :)

  3. Looks like Kate doesn't get updates any more. Sigh. That's what following a blog does for you...gets you free stuff. Well...maybe next time?

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