Friday, October 29, 2010

I am utterly amazed that I am a finalist for the EPIC Awards!

I decided to submit a couple of contemporary romances to the EPIC from each publisher...

I was thrilled to receive notification that one of my entries, Out of Her Dreams, is a finalist.  I am also thrilled that some of my dear friends have been selected as finalists in this prestigious competition!  WOW!  Congrats to all who submitted and have become finalists...this is sooo exciting!

I sincerely doubt that I will win, because I know the other authors, and have read their fabulous books!  But it is very exciting to have been chosen as a finalist.
Best wishes and good luck to all of my competition (and I will not say "break a leg") even though I know that's supposed to mean "good luck", because with my luck, somebody might, and then I would feel terrible. :P

So wish me luck...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Even MORE pics!

There were a lot of great folks at the hotel, not all going to Romanticon, but they joined in the fun!

For instance, folks stopped to ask what "Romanticon" was, and other folks asked if We would take their pics, too!  Like David Pizzaro, of PA, who asked if he could get in on the fun , since I was taking pics of our Cavemen. Now...I was taking pictures of the Cavemen from the neck up (I know...I know...a weird choice), because most of them have the sweetest grins and the sexiest smiles.

Well David wanted to know if  he had the makings of a Caveman. So I took his picture, not including the nicely put together lower part of his bod.  After's the smile that counts, right? what do YOU think?  Nice smile, great teeth...cute dimples...

And he has a pretty nice set of shoulders...and biceps...and...I didn't ask him to take off his shirt, but the basics were all there.  :P
He wants a female give it to him...he will be checking the blog for comments, so be nice ladies and no catcalls, growls, or shouts of "take it off!"

And on to more photos of smiling faces...


And we'll have even more tomorrow...I am going to bed!  It's 1:30 am and my feet are aching...but otherwise, I have had a blast...covered in Caveman sweat that I will never wash that's another story...later!'


Friday, October 8, 2010

A few smiling faces from Romanticon!

The fabulous smiling faces of just a few of my friends
at Romanticon!

If you find yourself here, e-mail me at 
or find me in the hotel before the end of the convention, and I will make sure you get a small thank you gift before I leave the hotel!

Fran Lee