Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cleaning out the house...

It's time to get cracking and get two bedrooms cleared out and rearranged.

After four years, my grandson is coming home to roost, but since he left, the back bedroom has been switched to a computer/storage/sundries room.  His mom is in my second bedroom and I refuse to move out of my master bedroom. 

So now I must decide what stays...and what must go.  I have been a collector...some might call it a hoarder...but in truth, I never throw away anything that might come in handy someday.  Sigh.   But today, I have been going through the computer/storage/sundries room and have been mercilessly dumping stuff that will never in a blue moon be used.  Now soon as it is in the trash, a use will appear.  But at least the three bedroom house that I have lived in since I was a kid will be in full use once again.

I have hundreds of vinyl albums...that I do not have a turntable to play.  Many of them are SO classic, they are antiques. Stevie Wonder at age 11.  Jackson Five when Michael was about 8. I have a huge stash of old RCA Videodiscs...and the two disc players that I bought back in the 70's.  I never play them since all those wonderful movies are now available on DVD.  Much simpler that inserting the disc, then having to turn it over halfway through and reinserting. But there are true collectors who might pay me something for the memorabilia value.

I also have dozens of laser discs...and a couple of old fashioned laser disc players. I have a huge collection of vintage and antique toys...50, 60 and 70 years old. I have a wonderful set of 1970's fine Noritake China (out of production since 1986) that should go into the Art Nouveau 1910 china cabinet in the living room...that is filled to the brim with those old vinyl records and albums. I have been using a mixed set of old Albertson's stoneware that I picked up in the 70's and 80's as premiums when I would buy so many dollars worth of groceries...remember those things?

I have many fine pieces of sterling flatware that were a 25th wedding anniversary gift to my mom and dad back when I was about 13. I have linen and lace tablecloths, hand-made lace hankies from the 1800's and early 1900's, and you name it!

I have a marvelous black silk, hand-embroidered grand piano drape with hand-tied fringe that dates back to the 1890's...and no piano to cover with it.  I could probably open up an antique shop, but you know how it goes...people love antiques, but want to buy them at thrift shop prices.

So, rather than dump them at a garage sale, I will keep them carefully packed away just in case one of my kids or grandkids ever wants something wonderful, special, and so on.

I am quickly talking myself out of tossing stuff.  I guess I will simply store it all in the garage in water proof containers.  When I croak, my kids can sort it out and toss it.  

What would you do?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

I got 239 words written today...and they were all BLOGS!


Now I will be pulling out several wips and try to get a bit more done on this will be short and sweet.  I have just gone through a marathon of movie reading...and having a couple of sick days.  Feeling much better now and ready to rock 'n roll.

Have a great Next week, sweeties!



Sunday, January 6, 2013

It is another year...still not productive.

I have watched the first six Harry Potter movies since Friday morning...

I think I have begun my second childhood early. After I finish with Potter, I think I will watch all of the Twilight movies again...

Yep...definitely not in the mood to write.

I have read five books since last week.

Watched a dozen movies.

Have written about 500 words.

Somebody send me a stock prod? Please?