Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sending in two new contracts...

Two down and one to go...

Subbed three of my older romances to my wonderful new editor at EC. The first two were accepted pretty much as is with minimal changes. (I made most of those changes before subbing.) The third one may need to be tweaked a bit more, but not too much. That's fine by me, as long as they get a second chance at life.  

I am thrilled that I have an editor who loves my work. That's a big plus.  It gives back a lot of the confidence that I sorta lost during the years that I had to get my stories past folks who didn't like my style of writing. I am SUCH a baby when it comes to criticism...especially when I know that ms was perfect. Snort. Oh, they weren't totally perfect...

Now I have to get to work and finish those other books that I have partially written...finish transferring the epic fantasy romance from old 5 1/2 inch floppies in 12 bit format to 32 bit format...and remind myself that I can really write.  Sigh. :)

Thanks so much for your continuing support and encouragement, loves!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going to Romanticon after all...

Sigh...isn't this what we all hope for?
 Things have begun to look up for me, thank God...and I have two contracts coming through...hopefully three.  I still have the option of self-publication on several other books.  And because of some very wonderful, supportive, and very pushy but loveable fairy godmothers, I have decided I will attend Romanticon, after all. 
I am thrilled that I will not be languishing in shame and sadness at home while others will be enjoying the revelry and the booze. Of course, I never indulge in revelry or booze, anyway, can always pretend. :)
The publishing industry has taken some huge turns over the past few years, and new options are opening up daily for authors. I was asked just today why I didn't just go the self-publishing way and not share the profits with my publisher. Hey...that's always an option...but as long as my publisher treats me well and goes the distance with me and my books, I feel that sharing the wealth with them is only fair.  After all, they gave me my start, and they have been fair with me. They have not gone out of business, leaving a hundred authors hanging while still selling their books...and not paying royalties. A couple of my friends have had that happen, and it's a horrendous thing to have happen to you.  My publisher has had rocky times, but I still get that royalty check every month.
I am totally loyal to my friends.  I buy their books.  I try to be supportive and give a hand when someone is feeling like dog-poop.  You know that I have over 1,000 e-books that my various friends penned?  It's just one more way of helping friends succeed.  So if I have a publisher who sticks with me and respects me as an author, I will also be supportive of them by continuing to share the wealth, so to speak.  :)
It's a partnership.  They put the seed money in, and we feed each other.  Sigh...
What do you think of my thoughts?  Now keep it clean...LOL!