Friday, October 18, 2013

Release day contest is up and running!

Skinwalker's Woman
Is available at Ellora's Cave effective 10:00 a.m. today...

And my release day contest is up and running over on my website!  Drop on over and have some a prize.  The contest runs from now through October 25, 2013.  Prizes will be awarded by random draw out of all correct answers.

Have fun...and good luck!

Fran Lee

Friday, October 11, 2013

My release day contest will begin October 18th...

Coming October 18, 2013...

And there will be a release day contest beginning October 18, 2013 and ending October 25, 2013.  Drop over to my website on release day and check out the rules and prizes. The rules are easy for those who are familiar with my books, but if you have not read any of my books, you can still find the answers easily enough, and there will be multiple prizes, so join the fun!


Fran Lee

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Winter is definitely on its way...

Snow is coming down in the mountains, and the fall colors are taking over the valley...
I love this time of year...even though I don't like freezing cold, the change from the scalding temps of late summer is always welcome...except when it jumps from 95 degrees to 39 degrees in one week. BRRRRR.

I really love being in a place that gets the full season changes every year.  Halloween is coming new book will be released this month...and the snap in the air is wonderful.  Did I mention that I went out and bought two new coats last week?

Now, if you live in Florida or southern California or Arizona or Las Vegas, the changing seasons are not quite as obvious.  How do you deal with Christmas without snow? Autumn without falling leaves? Or spring with temps in the 90's?

I guess it's all a matter of personal preferences.



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Skinwalker's Woman


Last year I had six books published. This year, I have only one so far. But the uphill battle with my muse was worth every moment. I certainly hope that this offering meets with the exacting standards my readers have impressed on me. LOL!

I have been threatened with all manner of dire consequences if this book does not meet the standards of at least four readers.  What are those standards, you ask?  Well, here they are:

1.)  The hero must be intensely hot and sexy
2.)  The Heroine must be feisty and funny
3.)  The book must contain at least one Native American character
4.)  And the book must be over 70 pages...

I hope that I have met or exceeded those standards. I suppose I'll find out when the release comes out on October 18th. 

You know, people complain that my books are too short. However, when I try to "flesh them out", they tend to get slammed for being "not exciting enough".  You know, putting 100 hot sex scenes into a book takes a lot out of an author...

I love writing erotic romance, but if you have noticed, most of my books have only the lovers, plus maybe one or two secondary characters.  Yes...I could flesh out the books to make them 50 pages longer, but the heat and the humor would suffer if I had ten secondary characters. 

What do you think?  If you have read any of my books, tell me whether you would prefer to have a longer story. Do my books need more sex or violence or suspense? I want to hear your thoughts on these things...