Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well, It's Saturday Again...

I was about to give up all hope for my latest release, since it obviously was not as well-received as some of my prior releases...and then I found this today...

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Title: Uncertainly Yours
Author: Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Reviewer: Barbara McCormick
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O  (orgasmic)
Jacqueline O’Halleran’s Uncle Frank left her his ranch in Wyoming and a mountain of debt. Feeling terribly alone, she returns to her childhood home and starts selling off horses and other assets to pay off what he owed. She plans to sell the ranch, until the man who rejected her as a teenager explains that she can’t because her uncle didn’t own it. Lance Blackfeather has loved Jacqueline since childhood, but had to turn her away when she was sixteen because she was too young. He knows she can’t possibly love him, but the attraction between them is volcanic. Maybe he can trick her into staying with him anyway.

I love Western romances! Uncertainly Yours comes complete with rich descriptions of Wyoming ranchland, fine characters, and a love story spiced with some really hot sex. It’s a lovely combination. Jack’s anguish at losing her only relative is palpable, as is her certainty that Lance could never love her. Lance, on the other hand, is so desirable and so ready for another chance with Jack, even though he knows he’s killed any chance of her love. Even as they each think they are deceiving the other about their feelings, their smoking sensuality and steamy bedroom scenes will have you heading for multiple cold showers. 

Ms. Lee offers just enough of the main characters’ history to flesh them out and lead us to their current dilemma. When they finally start communicating their love for each other, it’s delightful. Uncertainly Yours is a wonderful, sexy Western romance to start the year.

It was a pleasant surprise, and I wanted to share...


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't you just love fan reviews?

I got a Google alert today, and I checked it out...

I followed the link given, and found a sweet fan review of my oldest book, Out of Her Dreams.  I was thrilled that this wonderful reader took the time to put a review of the book on her personal blog.  Now, these are the kinds of reviews an author loves to see.

Please go check out her blog...

I wish more readers would do this kind of thing for authors, especially if they truly love a book.  It makes the author feel like a million buck.

Hugs to all of you!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Contest!

Don't You Just Love Romance?

There is something marvelous about love...about seeing two people whispering and snuggling and totally forgetting that they are in a public place as they giggle and tease.  The history books are filled with all sorts of romances. As are the fairytales.  Wow...Snow White had an entire small army of guys chasing her around. And even the Bible.  Who can manage to forget Solomon and Sheba, for heaven's sake?  

Hollywood has shown us more than it's fair share of hot romances over the years.  (Sometimes more than we wanted to see.)  And most of us love to pick up a hot, sexy romance book (print or digital) and laze away the entire afternoon, unable to put the darn thing down.

Well, I am celebrating Romance starting today and the celebration will end on Valentine's Day at midnight....and if you are interested in winning a Fran Lee Romance Gift Basket, I invite you to send me an e-mail from my "Contact Fran Lee" page over at my website, and tell me what your all-time favorite Romance, fairytale, poem, story, or movie...I just want you to tell me what it is, and what about that romance captured your heart.

As the subject of your e-mail, please put "Fran's Valentine's Day Contest".  Since the gift basket has to be mailed, I will need to know if you live in the USA.  If you don't, you will have to settle for a gift pack of e-books instead, since S&H to other countries just isn't in the cards.

I will select the winner on Valentine's Day.  I will expect a really GREAT e-mail about your favorite're gonna have to work a bit for this gift basket. want to know what's in it? Well, let's just say that it will be sweet, sexy, and heavy.  LOL!

So be sure to give me lots of detail about your favorite Romance...

I will have my granddaughter pull ten entries out of the hat on February 14th...and I will decide who the grand prize winner is based on your ability to grab my attention with your story.  It doesn't have to be perfect grammar, just has to make me sit up and take notice, so do your best.  And have loads of fun doing it, because the prize will be well worth your effort.

Hugs, and write those e-mails!