Sunday, June 22, 2014

How many of you use Facebook?

If you have author pages, do you feel obligated to beg for "Likes"?

I started out with a regular FB page as an author, just to get free exposure for my books, but then later I added a professional page. Since I never liked the idea of spamming the hell out of my friends, I don't have a whole lot of "likes".  My regular page is reaching that 5,000 "friends" limit, and when I attempted to switch all my "friends" over to "likes", it didn't work.

Frankly, I'm getting a bit fed up with FB in's shifted and changed so many times and I am no longer "in control" of the contest on my pages, being inundated with outside advertisements and content that I end up having to go in and delete every day or two. FB sneaks posts in that don't come from "friends" and certainly don't come from readers. By the time I just get comfortable with some of the changes they make, they change again.

Anyone have any ideas?  Of course I have my author pages on ARe, and on Amazon, etc. and my author page at Ellora's Cave, but those only reach a finite number of readers.

Some of you send me monthly newsletters, and I go buy your books if they sound good to me, but because I do not have a huge mailing list, I stopped sending out newsletters long ago. I'm pretty sure the 10 of you who got my newsletters got tired of deleting them each month. LOL! I have paid for memberships to Coffee Time Romances, TRS Blue, and posted to their author blog for about a year. But I noticed that I seemed to be the only person to leave comments on other authors' posts, so I began to doubt that anyone ever read the blog posts there.  

I post to several joint blogs, and get perhaps three or four comments from other authors on those posts (thank you to those who are kind enough to leave comments!).  I used to join large author chats on various Yahoo Groups, but there were so many authors all leaving excerpts and chatting, my posts never seemed to show up until the "chat" had ended.

I guess I am just not gung ho enough in my promo attempts.  I have two closed Yahoo Groups that I have used in past years to communicate with my author pals, but when members post excerpts and promo, the only ones who see it are the 30-odd members (who are all authors, too.)

My back list sales had been good from Ellora's Cave, so I just stopped doing a lot of promo. I just did book reviews and interviews for others on my Examiner . com columns, or on my blogs. But I am finding that having only one book out in a year isn't bringing folks to my back list over at Ellora's Cave...and my royalties have slumped alarmingly.

So I warn you now that I will be more aggressive with promo, and will become a royal pain in the butt. In the meantime, if any of you want to toss me a bone and give me some free advertising on your blogs, I would appreciate it.  In return, I will use my blogs to help you promo yours.


Fran Lee


Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's sexy Saturday...

Do you prefer manscaped...


Slightly furry?

For a long time, I preferred totally manscaped...but slightly furry has its redeeming qualities. As I get older, I find myself enjoying the beauty of a male body no matter how furry it is...unless he looks like a wolf shifter in half shift.  LOL!

What is your preference?


Fran Lee

Friday, June 6, 2014

It's book trailer Thursday...

It's Thursday, so today I am uploading one of my trailers...
One that goes with my Wednesday excerpt...


Hope you enjoy it...

Fran Lee

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Excerpt Wednesday...

Double Your Pleasure
by Fran Lee

Except Copyright 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014

Jason Blackstone lifted one black brow and let his eyes slip over her clear complexion and blue eyes, over the pained smile to her full bottom lip and back to her eyes again. “I’d really love to have a caramel mocha latté, triple sweet with extra cream.” His delicious deep voice was quiet and held a note of question.

The woman heaved a sigh and said patiently, “Still no caramel. You want a repeat of the one I made you earlier?” She seemed pissed off. Hmmm. Only one explanation.

Jace inhaled the softly floral scent of her tousled warm blonde hair before he smiled. “I see you already met my brother.” His smile was rueful now. “Yeah. I’ll take whatever he had.”

The woman blinked and her jaw dropped. She stared at him like he had two heads, and he couldn’t help but react with a slow, wicked grin.

“There can’t possibly be two of you,” she blurted, before hot color flooded her cheeks.

He watched, fascinated, as warm color spread from her neckline up over that sweetly damp face, as she blew a tendril of honey hair out of her face and chewed that lush lower lip so enticingly. Sweet Lord, but he would love to feel that full, pouty lip as he sucked it into his mouth to nibble and tease it. Her eyes slid away in delightful embarrassment, and he wanted to reach across the counter and pull her up to kiss that utterly edible mouth.

He laughed softly, and the whipped-cream sound curled around her mind, shooting straight down to her belly, then burst upward toward her breasts. Holy shit! Two men who looked like that? Two men who had this kind of sorcerer’s effect on her poor mind and body? She turned quickly to get his latté, and when it was sealed, she shoved it across the glass. A twenty was sitting there, and she picked it up, turning to ring the latté up.

“Keep the change. If you had to deal with Jon earlier, you earned it. I see you still have all your clothes on, and you don’t look like you’ve been attacked and bent over the counter for a quickie.”

She started to tell him his brother certainly wouldn’t have gotten that far with her, but he just grinned wickedly and saluted her with the steaming cup, before heading toward the cab stand on the corner.

She stood staring after his retreating broad shoulders, her heart thumping madly in her chest. Twins. Dear Lord! The thought of two men like that almost caused her to hyperventilate. Fantasies of the asshole and the not-so-asshole flitted through her mind as she turned to the next customer, and forced her mind back to business. But after seeing the matched pair of hotties, her libido was on overdrive all day long, and all she could do was pray for quitting time so she could take the subway home and dig out her little box of toys!

Fran Lee 

If you have not had the double pleasure of reading this one, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ellora's Cave, and many other fine online bookstores.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sent my revised wip to my editor...

Is it Friday yet?

It's been a long week for me...and it's only Tuesday. I know what they mean by WTF.  My days and nights are totally backwards...These doggoned shingles are the pits.  Can't sleep for more than a couple of hours before waking up in pain and having to move around. You know how that goes...ONCE UP, YOU CANNOT GET BACK TO SLEEP!

But I did manage to resubmit my wip to my lovely editor. Hope it passes inspection. I'd love to get another book out by July. 

I have restarted my special secret project three times now...I am just not quite satisfied with the way it's going. It's really difficult to have to create a book with a series in mind, because that means I actually have to PLAN...

And THINK...


Sigh.  I think I prefer writing by the seat-of-the-pants methodology.

Want another excerpt from Skinwalker's Woman, for those of you who may not have rushed right out and bought it last October? (That would probably about 75% of you...LOL!) Here it is...

Skinwalker's Woman
excerpt copyright 2014 Fran Lee

Zeke heard her call out from the door of the outhouse and stepped off the porch to assure her he was there. He watched the circle of light from the lantern bob along as she hesitantly picked her way along the path from the privy to the cabin, then old ba’ts’osé howled to call his mate, and the innocent sound sent the woman into a headlong flight of terror. He barely reached her as she plunged forward, having tripped over her own feet in those deadly stilettos she chose to wear. He removed the lantern from her trembling fist and wrapped his free arm tightly around her as she clutched his body and sobbed against his chest.

He didn’t try to calm her. He simply buried his lips in her soft hair and breathed in her sweet, city-girl perfume and the scent of vanilla shampoo. He allowed her to calm herself with her tears, and when she’d collected herself enough to release her stranglehold on his body and step away a bit, he eased his arm from around her and lifted her chin gently with his free hand. “Ba’ts’osé wouldn’t hurt you. He protects this place while I sleep. He knows you are mine, as do all the small creatures you are so afraid of. The mouse digs a new burrow for her family. The owl and the fox go about their nightly hunting. Nothing in the night will harm you, except maybe those shoes you’re wearing.”

She stiffened and moved away from his hand on her face. “Don’t make fun of me. I’ve never been in a place like this. Unfamiliar things can scare a person. But I suppose nothing scares you.”

She couldn’t see the smile that curved his lips. “I fear many things, sweet thing. Especially you…”

Chellie blinked, her eyes searching the dark shadows above her that she knew hid his face. The lantern light didn’t give her any clue to what he’d meant by that. “You’re afraid of me?”

“Damn right.” The deep voice and his warm breath stirred her hair. “You are the only thing out here that can harm me.”

“How could I possibly hurt you?” she scoffed. “Have you ever taken a good look at yourself in a mirror? You outweigh me by a ton, and you dwarf me…not to mention that you’re built like a brick wall.”

She could feel the heat of his body, despite being several inches from him. She could smell the intoxicating scent of sage, juniper, pine pitch and man…as well as the dampness of her own tears.

Holy shit!

Her senses had never been so sharp…so alive before. The terror she’d experienced moments ago was gone. His presence and his aura had swept them away like a strong breeze.

His aura… Her inner voice told her to trust him.

Oh sure…but can I trust myself around him?
She slowly lifted her hand and placed it on his chest at the level where she knew his heart beat slowly and comfortingly. What drew her so completely to this stranger? Why did her inner voice purr softly inside her in his presence? Why did she crave—yes, that was the word—his closeness? Why was she no longer afraid? And for Pete’s sake, why the friggin’ hell couldn’t she even touch him without visualizing fucking his brains out?

Had her fury at Karl set free some inner nympho demon? She had never been so wanton, so utterly horny, in her entire life. It almost reminded her of that perfume ad on TV that bragged about the product containing human pheromones. Was that even possible? Did human beings even have pheromones? The idea had intrigued her, but she hadn’t gone out and bought any. She inhaled his scent again and wondered if maybe Zeke had gone out and bought himself some, because she sure as hell got all wobbly inside and her pussy clenched and her heart beat faster every time she got close to this guy.

The feel of his heart beating faster under her palm left her breathless. Her nipples beaded and her breasts grew heavy just thinking of his big hands on them, slowly kneading and adoring them. Did she have the same kind of effect on him? It sure seemed like it. Of course, that was ridiculous. Michelle Abernathy wasn’t the type of female to make men go nuts with lust. But as the big man’s breathing grew ragged and he growled softly under his breath, she wondered if maybe she’d have to revise that opinion.

Maybe being out here in the desert too long can do that to a guy.

But at that moment, he stepped away, holding the lantern up to light the rest of the path back to the cabin. “You can have the bed. I’ll sleep out here.”


Fran Lee

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sent off my latest wip, and now I'm waiting for the verdict...

So I am going to entertain myself by putting up some sexy men...

My drooling thanks to the photographers, models, and Facebook users who love to upload hot guys for us to steal. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nicky Peacock interviewed me!

Nicky Peacock  has been interviewing other authors, and I held my hand in the air and begged to be included.

Please drop by and leave a comment? Please? Pretty Please?