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Another freebie for someone following my blog...

You ready?  Kate didn't respond, so here's hoping that Temple Bryon is listening!
ADULT and explicit...
Changing all the Rules
Excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee

He lowered her feet back to the floor of the shower, and rose to stand in front of her, his cock hot and ready, and braced in his lean hand so that it pushed into the now smooth folds of her pussy. “I want to put this inside you, Hale. I haven’t had a vas, but I’m free of STD’s, and I hate condoms. It’s up to you—yes or no. You protected?” He ran his tongue along her throat and shoulder.

Haley nodded. She had an implant. No sweat there. He lifted her as if she weighed ounces, and she wrapped her legs around his wet hips as he fed that thick, long, delectable cock into her slowly, wickedly, until he was flush against her pussy with his own neatly trimmed groin. His blue gaze locked with hers, and he squeezed her butt cheeks as he drew back out slowly, watching her face, then plunged deep, driving into her like a madman, flexing his hips in a way that made her gasp and arch and cry out.

He watched her beautiful face change with each thrust. He knew she liked what he could do for her so he picked up the pace, driving himself into her channel faster, watching her close her eyes and savor the feel of him buried inside her. God, but she was as  horny as he was, and she was able to take his oversized, thick cock without gasping in pain. He stopped holding back and fucked her hard and fast—his muscles flexing quickly with each driving plunge. She was tight and wet with her hot cream, just for him! He felt her arch and clench wildly around his cock with a mind-splintering climax.

He pounded in a few more strokes before he gave a choked shout of victory, and came so hard inside her, his eyes nearly rolled back in his head. He jabbed his cock in and pressed his body to hers and let his cum fill her, felt it washing down his legs with the shower spray. He almost lost the ability to stand, his knees trembling from the intense pleasure. He clasped her tight against him, kissing her throat, her shoulder, her ear. And then he hefted her slightly higher to suck her nipple into his mouth, savoring it for several minutes as she gently milked his cock with sexy little squeezes of her inner muscles
He lowered her slowly to the shower floor once more, and caught her lips in another hot, sweet kiss, before he drew back and whispered hoarsely, “You were worth the long wait!”

Her voice was shaky as she whispered, “So were you. Except I didn’t wait…did I?”

He ran his palms down her wet skin with slow enjoyment. “No. You didn’t.” His lips trailed over her temple. “But you just made up for your lack of judgment.”

Haley ran her tongue over his stubbly chin and sighed. God, but she wanted this to go on forever. His hands felt so good on her body as he caressed her slowly. “I always thought you were hot. You didn’t know that, did you?”

“You sure had a damn funny way of showing it.” His voice was muffled against her sopping hair, and she shivered as he dragged his lips across her cheek to capture her mouth, effectively stopping her words for several minutes.

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Fran Lee

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Announcing the winner of my prizes from RB4Us Blog!

Winner of a copy of Changing all the Rules and a lovely Romance key chain is
 Colleen Conklin!

Congratulations, Colleen!

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Let's try something different...

Hunter's Moon
Excerpt Copyright 2015 Fran Lee
Note: explicit and naughty words...adults only need to read.
His palms gently squeezed her butt and sent a thrill of heat through her body. His mouth dropped to take hers as she closed her eyes with reaction, and he instantly deepened the kiss as she gave a moan of pleasure deep in her throat. She felt his hands lifting her bodily from her feet, and she instantly wrapped her legs about him again, her pussy throbbing and her mind swirling. He was amazingly hard and thick again, and she realized shakily that she was panting as she began to thrust her center against his bulging jeans like some mindless nympho.

Gareth closed his eyes and groaned. There went another pair of perfectly good jeans! He walked into her bedroom and sank backward on her mattress, adjusting his body so that she could apply as much or as little pressure to her thrusts as she wished. He bit his lip as she ran her mouth over his throat so delightfully, causing him to shiver and thrust upward to give her what she so desperately wanted.  He felt her lips seeking his, and opened to her hungry, questing kiss, thrilling to her tongue stroking into his mouth and dancing with his own.

But instead of simply letting her ride him until she came, he slowly shoved her soft blouse up over her silky bra, and released the front clasp. She jerked back, but he murmured huskily into her ear that he wanted her to feel even more pleasure. And she gasped as his palms slowly, pleasurably cupped and kneaded her breasts, his thumbs gently thrumming her hard nipples until she threw back her head and gave a sexy cry and came so hard that she was totally mindless for several moments.

Gareth waited for her to sit up slightly, and then caught her right nipple in his lips, sucking the swollen tip deep into his mouth as he placed his hands on her hips and continued to rock her body against his, seeking his own breathless release.  He moved to the other nipple and heard her gasping intake of breath. She moaned as she readied for a second climax, and her body quickened its pace. He gave a muffled shout of pleasure as he came harder than before, flooding his jeans with an unbelievable ejaculation that continued for several long, heady moments before subsiding.

She lay helpless on his body as both of them fought for breath. He laughed shakily beside her ear, “I gave you two for my one—you owe me one.”

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Another excerpt? Different book?

Excerpt copyright 2015 Fran Lee

Flint rose from the bed and hesitated as his little intruder looked her fill at him. Wide golden eyes dropped from his muscled chest to his aroused shaft, and got even bigger. Like she’d never seen anything the likes of it before. He let her stare for a full minute before he cleared his tight throat and reached for his rumpled jeans lying across the foot of Curley’s unoccupied bed. If he knew Curley, the cowpoke was dossed down with some rodeo bunny in another motel room, enjoying the hell out of her.

Shaking out his jeans, he stepped into them casually, sensing her eyes drilling a hole through his bruised ass. He could almost feel them stroking over his skin. Damn! It was a job getting the fly closed without zipping his unrepentant cock into the teeth, but somehow he managed. He didn’t bother with his belt. Or his shirt. Modesty wasn’t one of his many sins. He’d only put on his pants to make her less nervous.

When he turned back to face her, she was still flat on her back, her eyes wide and her jaw hanging, as if she’d been quick-frozen to the spot. He scratched his chest and yawned, and watched as her pale face turned all red. When she still didn’t move, he ran both hands back through his sleep rumpled hair, and almost laughed as her wide eyes popped again. Figuring he would have to be the one to start the conversation, he felt his cheeks crease with a wicked grin.

“Unless you are inviting me back into my bed, darlin’, it would be smart of you to get a grip and sit up. You look mighty invitin’ lyin' there like that.”

His words had the desired effect, because she jack-knifed up from the mattress and hit the floor with both feet, looking for all the world like she was ready to make a dive for the door. He lifted both palms like he would to calm a spooked horse, and he spoke softly in a calm voice. “Easy there, sweet thing…you’re safe. But I need a cup of coffee.”

Coffee? Hot coffee?

Lily’s mouth almost watered. She hadn’t eaten a damn thing except a stale granola bar since she’d run for it, and her gut was telling her off something fierce. She’d saved all her cash for bus fare and a room if she needed one, and the idea that he might be offering a cup of coffee was enough to make her sink back down onto the edge of the mattress and hug her stomach.

When the tall man moved to the cubby hole that served as a closet between the bedroom and the bathroom, and flipped the switch on a small two-cup coffee maker, she stared at his broad back, unable to take her eyes from all that golden skin. 

His jeans hung low on his lean hips, and his bare feet were long and well shaped. Holy Hell, but she’d never seen a better looking man. His dark hair was almost black, with a few lighter streaks, probably from the sun. Her gaze slid over the nasty bruises that were on his back, ribs, and his shoulder. Then he swung his head her way as if he sensed she was ogling him, and a crooked smile curved his chiseled mouth.

Covering her rudeness, she coughed and looked down at the floor, and she spoke in a shaky voice. “Did you get the shit beat out of you, too?”

Flint hid his grin as he turned back to the coffee, and turned two of the Styrofoam cups over. “Not in the same way you were. The saddle bronc I was finished riding took it into his head to try and get the last word in on our argument.”

He heard her little gasp, and a moment later, he felt cool hands on the largest of his bruises. It was all he could do to not flinch. He stiffened as her small cold fingers ran over the lump where a hoof had caught his ribs a glancing blow. “Have you been to see a doctor?” she whispered, “to make sure your ribs aren’t cracked?”

Taking in a deep breath, he fought to remain still. “Yep. Just a bunch of nasty bruises.” His voice rasped as he went on. “Your cool hands feel damn good, woman…”

She moved away quickly, and the minute her hands dropped from his body, he wanted them right back where they’d been. He tried his damnedest to not look disappointed when he glanced down at her over his shoulder once more.

“I’m sorry.” Her face was pinched with concern.

“No need to apologize. It felt good…sort of like an ice pack. You can put those hands back on me if you want.”

He watched her expression turn from worried to pink with embarrassment, and he fought to keep from turning around and kissing her until the pink turned to a warm red flush of pleasure. But he managed to hold back. He almost growled under his breath. He’d never felt so damned hot and protective in his life before. She wasn’t a beauty, but there was something about her that grabbed his gut and twisted. Something about her seemed to reach out and touch him, and damned if he wasn’t ready and willing to figure it out. He needed to back the hell off and get some answers so he could decide what to do with his little burglar.

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Excerpt, anyone?

excerpt copyright Fran Lee 2015

Haley stared at the steering wheel, unable to get out of her car after pulling into her driveway. Well, that had sure as hell been one eye-opener of a lunch date with an old buddy! She shoved her hair out of her face and sighed heavily. Krissa had said a lot of things that had a ring of truth to them. Especially about the boring thing.

And the screwing around thing.

She almost laughed hysterically at that thought. How the hell could she be so damn blind? Of course he’d been with another woman those times she’d smelled perfume on his shirts! Haley Gregory just liked to keep her damn head buried in the sand. So much safer than seeing what was happening to her marriage. What was happening to her once ebullient self-confidence.

She sighed and ran her hands through her tousled hair. How had it come down to this? Was it her fault Harry didn’t want sex very often? Hell! How would she know? She simply followed his lead in everything they did in bed. And he had never seemed to want anything but the uninspired, everyday kind of vanilla sex. She really loved Harry. But Harry was a meat-and-potatoes-type lover, and he liked to be in control.

She closed her eyes and exhaled slowly to calm her panic. She'd really wanted to ask him to experiment and try something different, but it never seemed to be the right time. She always chickened out when she got up the nerve to ask. He seemed to like making love to his wife the same old way—year after year. But she had seen some of the magazines he bought, and the women in those pictures weren’t being fucked in the missionary position.

And that thing Kris had joked about—about Harry not nibbling pussy? Haley would have given anything to know what it felt like for Harry to try oral sex on her. The idea left her in a lather. He seemed to enjoy it when she sucked him off but he never offered to do it to her. 

And she had always been too damned embarrassed to ask him to.

Oh, how shocked her husband would likely be if he knew some of the things she’d thought of doing to him. Good old staid Harry would likely die of a heart attack if she revealed her fantasies. 

She had a slim, vibrating dildo hidden away in her drawer under her lingerie, which she used for anal stimulation while she masturbated with her fingers. Harry would have a cow about that if he ever found it. And all the while, she hid her cravings—her “perversions”—from Harry. And she fantasized—boy, how she fantasized! She would think of all the ways she wanted him to take her—all the ways she wanted to take him! Oh yeah…

She’d bought a few magazines of her own at an adult toy shop, and after blushing furiously as she read them, had finally managed to get past her own naïveté. Some of the magazines had shown couples, sometimes threesomes, doing the most amazingly sexy things to each other. She had learned about things like bondage and spanking, and even anal sex.

Hence the little butt-plug of a dildo.

The pleasure that little toy had brought was desperately needed. At times she would lie in bed while Harry was bowling, and she’d fantasize about amazingly sinful things. Like one man using his mouth and tongue on her pussy, while another paid detailed attention to her breasts—something Harry did very little of. And she would use her fingers and her little silver dildo to get some pretty gnarly orgasms.

She squirmed a bit in the leather bucket seat, thinking of the many fantasies she’d indulged in while he was away bowling. Fantasies she had never dared to enact on her husband’s hot, delicious body. It was far easier to get herself off during a fantasy than to ask her husband of ten years to indulge her. 

She would die of embarrassment if he knew what she fantasized about...

Her thoughts strayed to the young teenager she’d always had just a bit of a silly crush on. Not as big a crush as she’d always had on Harry, of course, but just a little one. She nibbled on her lower lip as she thought about Josh Barnes…

After talking so openly this afternoon with Krissa, once she’d gotten past her initial shock and embarrassment, she’d grudgingly agreed to meet Joshua at Krissa’s place on Friday night. She shook her head at the thought of making a movie date with a man three years younger. But the idea that Krissa’s kid brother had nursed a serious crush on her for all these years had given her a jolt of naughty pleasure. 

She’d have gone out with him back then, if he hadn’t been so much younger. In fact, she had wanted to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance in her senior year, but her friends had laughed at her for wanting to ask a freshman, no matter how tall or cute he was. She’d chosen Harry instead.

Josh Barnes had always been a damn good-looking kid, with intense blue eyes and a shock of flyaway blond hair that was always hanging in his eyes, making his furtive, hungry looks sort of adorable. She’d always enjoyed it when he followed Krissa and her around like a drooling puppy. 

She’d once even flashed him wickedly at a sleepover when she’d seen him peeping at her from the top of the stairs. He’d been hanging over the rail, and she had seen him from the corner of her eye. And when Krissie was spelunking in the fridge for the inevitable snacks, Haley had walked into the foyer and had lifted her nightie up to flash him with her bare breasts and tiny panties.

She had felt amazingly daring and naughty as the kid had blushed beet-red and his mouth had dropped as wide as his eyes. She’d felt wildly wicked as she tweaked her erect nipples while he stared dumbly down at her, and then she had dropped her nightie back over her body and whirled to race into the kitchen.

She had never forgotten that moment of exhibitionism, and she was pretty damn sure Josh hadn’t either, from what Krissa had told her. She sighed and licked her lips. Josh wanted to see a whole lot more of her than her breasts! He always had.

She had wanted so damn badly to let him catch her alone, to feel his hot eyes on her naked body again. To feel those large, man-sized hands on her skin. It had been a wicked, childish fantasy that had never come to fruition. Harry was older, more self-assured. Josh was just a kid.

Except that he wasn’t a kid anymore. He was twenty-six. The last time she’d seen him, he was only sixteen, and still a bit gangly and lanky. Too thin for that growth spurt to six-foot-four he’d taken that summer.

5-star reviews on Amazon:

Five Stars!
By M. Fullington on May 31, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
What a fun sexy read! I loved how open the husband was about the wife's needs! I totally get it about how married couples can get caught in a rut. It's so important to keep an open mind.

Ms. Lee writes a story that will fulfill all your fantasies. While it was a quick read, I felt that the characters were wonderfully well-rounded! Best of all, the happily ever after makes it all worthwhile!

By Aphrodite'sNightie on June 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Well-crafted writing coupled with a very sexy and complex menage makes Changing All The Rules a compelling read.

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Want a free copy?

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Now available on Amazon...

Now on Amazon...only $1.99

Fran Lee

Excerpt copyright 2015 by Fran Lee

NOTE:  This book contains naughty words, open bedroom/kitchen/living room doors, and is not for anyone under the age of 18.

Harry was already sprawled out across the bed when she stepped out of the bathroom at half past eight. He wore the usual flannel PJ’s over that still-hot body, toning down her appreciation of his looks. She wore the usual pair of bikini panties and a loose sleep shirt that hung to mid thigh. Her hair was still damp, and clung in curls to her cheeks and neck.

He glanced up and tossed his magazine aside. The glimpse she got told her it was a hot one. He rolled onto his side and patted the mattress in front of him. “You smell delicious. I love that flowery shampoo.”

Romantic—not! But he was smiling that sexy little crooked smile he had, and that bought him instant forgiveness. Haley slid onto the comforter, and moved close for their usual pleasant but not-too-horny-yet kiss, and as he furtively slipped a hand up her ribs under her sleep shirt, she began to unbutton his PJ top.

It was like a well-rehearsed script. He gently petted and squeezed her boobs, and she shoved his PJ top open so she could run her hands over his ribs and chest. He kissed her throat and told her he loved how sweet she smelled after her shower, and she reached into his PJ bottoms to search for his hot, ready cock. Once she’d grabbed and begun to stroke it, he kissed her hungrily and told her how he loved to feel her hands on his cock.

He started breathing raggedly, and after a couple of minutes, he shoved her onto her back, dragging off her panties and spreading her legs as he checked how wet she was with his fingers, before he shoved deep with a groan, and started pounding away. His mouth sought hers to deepen the kiss—he was a great kisser—but hardly what she’d call a daring or erotic lover. She desperately wanted him to use that hot mouth on others parts of her anatomy, like her hard nipples or her throbbing little clit.

Haley arched into his thrusts, praying that he wouldn’t get off too quickly, and that she might actually get to have a mind-blowing climax too. He filled her to the stretching point with each hot, deep thrust of his hips. He was so big, so thick, and she was so ready! Her hand slid between their bodies as she desperately sought her swollen clit...but he caught her wrists and shoved her arms over her head, trapping them there with one big hand. She tried to tease his searching mouth to her breasts, but he sucked a hickey on the top of her shoulder, as usual, and finished with a final groaning thrust and a growl of pleasure, before he slumped over her and whispered, “That was great, honey, thanks,” as he kissed her shoulder.

And then he simply rolled over to fall asleep. She lay there gathering her thoughts, trying not to feel the same old weekly disappointment. She ran her fingertips over his muscular back, but he didn’t stir. Damn! She had almost been there…almost…

Haley sighed and slipped off the bed, and went to the bathroom to clean herself up, before pulling her little personal vibrator out of her lingerie drawer and walking into the spare bedroom to get a really great orgasm all by her lonesome.

Will be available for pre-order May 15th...get your copy for only 99¢!