TwoLips review of Out of Her Dreams

Title: Out of Her Dreams
Author: Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: June 2009
ISBN: 9781419921247
Pages: 128
Series: N/A
Reviewer: Lila

 Rating:  FIVE Lips

 Recommended Read

 Samantha Hastings has realized enormous success writing about the man that appears in her dreams. The gorgeous hunk on the cover with the obsidian eyes set her blood racing.  If only she could really find a man like him in real life. One who would not be abhorred about the scars found on her body from a terrible accident. That accident left scars on more than just her body; it left scars deep in her soul. So deep, in fact that she bares a secret, that is about to be revealed. 
David Chance is a pro wrestler; imagine his shock when his agent tells him he is the face on the cover of not one but numerous romance novels. Best sellers at that. Intrigued at first, he goes out and buys the books. After reading them he is irate. He wants to know how this woman he never met found out so much deep personal stuff about him. Things he hasn’t told anybody, ever. When he notices she‘s having a book signing, his plans change on the spot. He is going to meet this woman, and find out what her game is. Then slap her with a lawsuit for not having his permission use his face or his soul. David had no idea he would be so attracted to her on site. He is about to use the leverage he has to get more than money out of her. He wants her in his bed. 

Sam and David both suffer from scarring pasts, and haunting futures. Will they be able let go and forge a future together with each other? Or continue on the lonely paths that they have been on so long?  Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee is a captivating story that had me hooked from the blurb I read. Lee captured me with the stunning man that arrives at Sam’s book signing. I felt like I was there experiencing the whole thing, I even hid my nose in my shirt; I was so embarrassed for Sam. The chemistry between David and Samantha is so magnetic; you will be drawn to them unable to put the book down. Samantha gets so caught up in David’s fast paced life that she feels like she is losing herself. I really felt for her, to love a man so much but to know you can’t continue on that way and to make that decision is heart-breaking. I found myself cheering for the wrestler and praying he did what was right.  I can’t wait to read more books by Lee. She has you down for the three count with Out of Her Dreams. 

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