You Gotta Read review for Skinwalker's Woman

Title:  Skinwalker’s Woman
Author:  Fran Lee
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
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Rating:   You Need To Read
Reviewed By:  Donna
Running away from heartache is easier than facing it. But when Chellie runs from a bad relationship with a cheating ex and lands smack-dab in the arms of a hot and sexy stranger who thinks she was born to be his mate, could things get any weirder?

They sure can…especially when she discovers she’s a closet nymphomaniac and he’s a shape-shifting explosion of animal magnetism she simply can’t resist.


A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Chellie is running away. She has been used by a man for too long, and it’s finally time for her to stand up and fight for her dignity. Or run away. Running is good. But she had never in a million years considered that she would be running into the arms of a total stranger who was hotter than sin and scarred like a beast. Of course, the scar just made him look dangerous. And don’t forget the sexy as sin part. Oh, yeah. Both she and the little voice in her head thinks that he is definitely eye candy.

Zeke has been alone for too many years. He doesn’t expect that to change anytime soon. But, to his shock and amazement, a woman shows up at his isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere and falls into his arms and onto his bed within no time flat. He can’t believe his good fortune at finally finding his soul mate. But keeping her will be the hard part, and losing her is just not an option.

Skinwalker’s Woman is overwhelmingly sexy and seductive. The characters are not your everyday hero and heroine, but they are sexy and charismatic. The plot is interesting and fairly simple, the sex is sudden, frequent and scorching. For a fairly short tale, it is highly entertaining.

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