Thursday, May 7, 2015

Now available on Amazon...

Now on Amazon...only $1.99

Fran Lee

Excerpt copyright 2015 by Fran Lee

NOTE:  This book contains naughty words, open bedroom/kitchen/living room doors, and is not for anyone under the age of 18.

Harry was already sprawled out across the bed when she stepped out of the bathroom at half past eight. He wore the usual flannel PJ’s over that still-hot body, toning down her appreciation of his looks. She wore the usual pair of bikini panties and a loose sleep shirt that hung to mid thigh. Her hair was still damp, and clung in curls to her cheeks and neck.

He glanced up and tossed his magazine aside. The glimpse she got told her it was a hot one. He rolled onto his side and patted the mattress in front of him. “You smell delicious. I love that flowery shampoo.”

Romantic—not! But he was smiling that sexy little crooked smile he had, and that bought him instant forgiveness. Haley slid onto the comforter, and moved close for their usual pleasant but not-too-horny-yet kiss, and as he furtively slipped a hand up her ribs under her sleep shirt, she began to unbutton his PJ top.

It was like a well-rehearsed script. He gently petted and squeezed her boobs, and she shoved his PJ top open so she could run her hands over his ribs and chest. He kissed her throat and told her he loved how sweet she smelled after her shower, and she reached into his PJ bottoms to search for his hot, ready cock. Once she’d grabbed and begun to stroke it, he kissed her hungrily and told her how he loved to feel her hands on his cock.

He started breathing raggedly, and after a couple of minutes, he shoved her onto her back, dragging off her panties and spreading her legs as he checked how wet she was with his fingers, before he shoved deep with a groan, and started pounding away. His mouth sought hers to deepen the kiss—he was a great kisser—but hardly what she’d call a daring or erotic lover. She desperately wanted him to use that hot mouth on others parts of her anatomy, like her hard nipples or her throbbing little clit.

Haley arched into his thrusts, praying that he wouldn’t get off too quickly, and that she might actually get to have a mind-blowing climax too. He filled her to the stretching point with each hot, deep thrust of his hips. He was so big, so thick, and she was so ready! Her hand slid between their bodies as she desperately sought her swollen clit...but he caught her wrists and shoved her arms over her head, trapping them there with one big hand. She tried to tease his searching mouth to her breasts, but he sucked a hickey on the top of her shoulder, as usual, and finished with a final groaning thrust and a growl of pleasure, before he slumped over her and whispered, “That was great, honey, thanks,” as he kissed her shoulder.

And then he simply rolled over to fall asleep. She lay there gathering her thoughts, trying not to feel the same old weekly disappointment. She ran her fingertips over his muscular back, but he didn’t stir. Damn! She had almost been there…almost…

Haley sighed and slipped off the bed, and went to the bathroom to clean herself up, before pulling her little personal vibrator out of her lingerie drawer and walking into the spare bedroom to get a really great orgasm all by her lonesome.

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