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Excerpt copyright 2015
Fran Lee
NOTE: Erotic content and naughty words abound.

Flint Calderon was a hard working, hard-bodied, hard headed Texan who'd had to grow up fast. He'd been alone for a long time. He'd kept his grand daddy's sprawling ranch intact in spite of hardships and loss...some said he was as hard as his name.

He didn't take anything he hadn't worked damned hard for. He had his own set of personal guidelines that left no room for cruelty or deceit. He kept his friends close, and his loyalty was a thing of legend in Calder County, Texas.

He went by three simple rules: Keep your word no matter what, pay your debts before buyin' more, and protect those weaker than yourself.

Lily was running from her own personal hell, only to jump from the frying pan into the fire. But the man who'd caught her sneaking into his motel room to get out of the rain was nothing like the bastard she was running from. Even being pinned on that motel bed under a pissed-off cowboy was a damn sight better than being dragged back to the man who'd murdered her mom and made her own life a living hell for so long. If only the hot cowboy wasn't naked as a jaybird...

How could he turn her over to the law? The woman he'd caught was just a rain-soaked, freezing, starving, badly battered little hellcat with nowhere to go and nothin' much to lose. And whoever had beat the hell out of her deserved no mercy...


Fran Lee 
5 Stars
Flint is a man dedicated to his ranch and Lily is a woman with nowhere to go. Thrown together by a rash decision, Flint sees a woman in need of protection and Lily only wants to get out of the state and away from the horrors of her life.
Flint is a wonderful man, plain and simple. He takes care of what he possesses and he wants Lily. There is something about her. All Lily sees in her future is fear. One glimpse at what Flint has to offer and she is torn. She knows he is a dream come true, but she doesn’t want to drag him into her nightmare.

My Review:

There is no way that was not a novel. It had it all. I loved every word about Flint and Lily. The story had depth, romance, hot sex, and action. Very well rounded and extremely fulfilling. AMAZING!!

You Gotta Read Reviews
Rating: You Need to Read
Reviewed By: Gabrielle
Flint by Fran Lee

Story Blurb:
Flint is as hard as his namesake, until one tiny spitfire with a black eye worms her way under that shell…

I enjoyed this short story that was included in the Men Of Calder County box set. Flint is a good man and when he finds Lily trying to hide, he is more than willing to help her out. Lily has gone through so much pain in her life and just wants to run as far away as she can from it all but when she comes across a gorgeous cowboy bent on helping her Lily can only hope. It was nice to watch the relationship grow between the two. Sparks fly right from the start but trust must be earned. I loved seeing Flint fight for Lily and her heart. Fran Lee weaves a wonderful story around Flint and Lily and endears them to the reader. Their story pulled me right in and never let me go.

Flint has been extracted from the extremely popular box set titled The Men of Calder County.