Sunday, March 10, 2013 one and a half hours it will be DST again...

Daylight Savings Time...

Most folks I know think it's a royal pain in the posterior region...but a few of them like it.  I can't quite figure out why, though.  I guess some folks love torture.  Crawling out of bed an hour before the human body is willing and able to do so is not fun.  Unless you are crawling out of bed to see some hot sexy dude wearing a towel just climbing out of your shower.  At that point, I don't think I would really mind getting up that early. 

So I am putting a cover right in front of me so when I get up in the morning, it will remind me why it's okay to wake up so damn early.  Hey...maybe I'll put all my covers around my bed.  That way, when I open one eye and see that it's still dark, and roll over to cover my head, I might see something worth looking at. 

How do YOU feel about DST?  Your personal views?  Just curious...


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feeling almost human again...

Went to the doc yesterday

and vented to my heart's content about how I feel about having my last two appointments cancelled then reset during a time when I was feeling like crud.  Oh...and I switched doctors to make my point.  After having gone through a full month of "sorta-flu-like" symptoms, and getting myself well using herbs and such, I did a bit of griping.  A lot of griping.  And it made me feel waaayyy better.

Got my shingles vaccine, set an appointment for a bone density scan, and got all that angry frustration off my chest.  YAY!  Decided I didn't want or need the current (worthless) flu vaccine, and got a prescription for the nasty sinus infection that developed over the last month.  Okay.  I am set for another few months.

It is amazing how just going to the doctor and talking about my health seems to resolve some of the garbage that I worry about.  So now it's time to worry about earning a living.  Getting back to writing.  Doing what I need to do to pay the bills.  I have already started on a couple of my dormant wips, and feel a lot better about finishing them.

So maybe I will have something to sub to my editor in a few weeks.