Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feeling almost human again...

Went to the doc yesterday

and vented to my heart's content about how I feel about having my last two appointments cancelled then reset during a time when I was feeling like crud.  Oh...and I switched doctors to make my point.  After having gone through a full month of "sorta-flu-like" symptoms, and getting myself well using herbs and such, I did a bit of griping.  A lot of griping.  And it made me feel waaayyy better.

Got my shingles vaccine, set an appointment for a bone density scan, and got all that angry frustration off my chest.  YAY!  Decided I didn't want or need the current (worthless) flu vaccine, and got a prescription for the nasty sinus infection that developed over the last month.  Okay.  I am set for another few months.

It is amazing how just going to the doctor and talking about my health seems to resolve some of the garbage that I worry about.  So now it's time to worry about earning a living.  Getting back to writing.  Doing what I need to do to pay the bills.  I have already started on a couple of my dormant wips, and feel a lot better about finishing them.

So maybe I will have something to sub to my editor in a few weeks.  




  1. Glad you're getting back on your feet. Hugs

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Fran. It's good to have you back in fighting form :-)

    1. Thanks, darlin'...good to be back!


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