Thursday, December 25, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas...

Celebrate the Twelve Days with me...

Every day from December 25th through January 6th

I will send a special surprise to every person who takes the time to sure to tell me what the current day of Christmas we are in (First Day, Second Day, etc) and tell me what the song says is the gift for that day. If you leave a comment, and get the gift right,


Hugs, and happy holidays to you!

Fran Lee

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Been unable to write most days...too many sleepless nights.

I can't get my next book out until January. Been awake almost all night lately.  This is the first year without my daughter and sleep just won't come. Besides...nobody ever reads or comments on this blog, so most folks don't know I was hoping to get a book out by Christmas. LOL!  So This is simply a notice to anyone who dropped by that I can't keep that schedule.

Hugs, and I hope your Christmas will be a good one.

God bless...


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Working on another Night Winds book...

Hope to have it available for pre-order by Christmas...

Two characters from the first book will get the spotlight this time. I'm having loads of fun with this one.  Tentatively, this one is titled Ride the Night Winds: Wolf Moon Rising.

I hope to write a book about each full moon in the year. In case you didn't know, the Full moon in January is called the Wolf Moon. This one isn't a's a paranormal in the same world as Hunter's Moon. If you have read the first book, you will know why the full moon is so important.

How many of you love paranormal romance? I know that several of my friends write hot, sexy paranormal, and it is becoming one of my favorite genres.  If you have not read Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon, would you like to win a copy?

Simple enough rules...just go over to my Facebook author page (by clicking on the FB ad on this page) and "like" my FB page.  Leave me a comment on FB, telling me you want to win a copy of this book. Then go over to my Amazon page and click the "like" button there, as well.    

When you have done both, come back here and leave a comment that you have done so, and you are in the drawing to win.  This is the only way to win.

Also, please note that I will be doing a 12-Days of Christmas giveaway starting on December 12th and ending at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I will randomly select a commenter each of those days. On December 25th, I will announce all winners, and send out the prizes.  Please note:  I need your name and e-mail address in order to contact you.  Any comments without enough contact info will be ignored. 

Hugs to all...good luck.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon

~Giveaway to my readers!~

Want to win a beautiful coffee mug?

When I had my Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon Release Party on Facebook,  I gave away some wonderfully fun and unusual prizes, from Movie-themed jewelry to tote bags and coffee mugs. I am back again with more fun stuff...and the only way you can win is to leave me a comment on this blog.  Every mug I have created is one-of-a-kind...this is the one I gave away during my release party.  The one I am offering now is similar, but not exactly the same. 

 I also have a few of the great pieces of movie jewelry left that were so popular during the party.

So if you are into Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, you might want to enter the contest. Depending on how many enter, I will consider dropping another prize into the pot. The rules are simple:  Follow me on this blog (or tell me you are already following me) AND "like" my page on Facebook by clicking the FB link on this page and then clicking "like". Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which prize you would like to win. 

If there are more than ten comments, I will draw for another prize. If more than twenty comments, another...etc.

Now isn't this an easy contest? 

The contest begins now and will run through November 20th. It will end at midnight.  I will check out the comments, and have RaffleCopter select winners.

Winners will be announced here on November 21st.


Fran Lee

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Samhain is coming...the spirit world comes closer...

This book was written with those thoughts in mind...

I wrote this book four years ago this month, right after the huge October 2010 Hunter's Full Moon.  It was originally meant to be a spooky Halloween tale, but you know me...I couldn't write something without hot sex and hot guys in it. LOL! So it turned into a somewhat spooky paranormal erotic romance.

I am having a release party on Facebook for this book on October 20, 2014. Please feel free to join us. You don't need an invitation. All you need to join the party is being logged in to your FB account, and clicking on this link: 

There will be excerpts, prizes, giveaways, and chatting.  The only catch is, to win a prize, you need to get over to Amazon before release day and get your 99¢ pre-order copy of Ride the Night Winds. You don't want to wait, because this book will be priced at $2.99 after release day.

Some of the prizes will be...a one-of-a-kind autographed ceramic coffee mug (you can check out the event page for photos), a Fran Lee tote bag...and a Fran Lee T-shirt.   There will be Fran Lee back list books, signed cover flats, mini book marks, as well as fridge magnets with this beautiful cover on them.

Come on over and bring your friends...


Monday, October 13, 2014

Release day is coming your receipts!

Still only 99¢ until release day...don't miss out on this special low pre-sale price!

Theresa Winters had been alone for a long time. She'd lost her father before she was born. She'd lost her mother during childbirth. And she'd lost her Gran two years back. Gran...who had raised her...had been both father and mother to her.  

Gareth had been alone for longer than he cared to admit. He'd lost his mother centuries ago. And he couldn't stand his father. In his world, life was a cold thing. He longed to be able to feel emotions. To be able to touch...and he desperately wanted to touch Theresa Winters...

He'd been watching her since she was a child. Watching over her. Protecting her. But once he had her on his turf, who would protect her...from him?

The full moon is a powerful thing...especially the full moons after the Autumnal Equinox. It is believed that the world of man and the spirit world are closest during the festival of Samhain...and it takes only a slight push to cross between them. Time and realms flux during the full moon...and reality is often what you make it...
Get your discounted copy today on pre-order, and send me a copy of your receipt from Amazon by email to  I will be selecting random receipts for surprise gifts on release day.  One lucky person will win a beautiful ceramic coffee mug with one or more of my beautiful covers on it, or a Fran Lee tote bag or T-shirt.  Hang onto your receipt from Amazon so you can claim your prizes!

Leave me a comment here...follow this blog if you are not already a follower. Like my Facebook author page if you have not already liked it. In your comment here, tell me what number follower you are, and what number "like" you are. Everyone who does will get a surprise!


Fran Lee

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pre-order now and get it for only 99¢

Now available for pre-order on Amazon...

Ride the Night Winds
Hunter's Moon

Excerpt copyright 2014 
Fran Lee

“Please stop. I really need some space here. Just give me a few minutes to assimilate all of this.” She pushed at his very solid, very beautiful body and he slowly stepped back, allowing her to move out of his arms. It surprised her that he was so accommodating. Most guys would have pressed their advantage and forced her to smack them upside the jaw.

Gareth felt frustrated—disturbed—and amazingly horny. He had to get her to ask for him to make love to her—and it didn't help that she was being positively jackass stubborn. He drew a deep breath and willed her to come back into his arms. To kiss him again.

“Stop doing that!” she whispered, hugging herself and shaking her head.

He was amazed that she could sense his subliminal commands. And even more amazed that she was able to resist them. Conciliation was in order. “I should apologize for wanting to see and touch your amazingly lovely body. Imagine living in a world where all you can do is look. Then imagine suddenly being able to touch. It can be pretty damned overwhelming.” He drew a deep breath. “Besides—you didn't actually ask for something to wear.” He inwardly winced with the knowledge that he was giving her way TMI.

Amazingly lovely body? He was joking! Unable to assimilate his words, Terry stared up at his face.  Then his words began to sink in. Didn't ask? So all she had to do was ask? The sneaky son of a… She'd have to remember that. Then his words fully sank in. Dear God. This was so completely amazing! The fact that he was making no bones whatever about wanting her was enough to floor her. She'd lived in a small town her entire life, and men just didn't baldly admit to things like that.  At least, not without taking a girl out for dinner and dancing. But then, he kept referring to her as a “human”, so exactly what did that make him? It was becoming very obvious that he was so not a normal type human – and yet he had all the fixtures of a human.

She swallowed hard and asked shakily, “Gareth, who—or what—are you, exactly?”

He ran both hands through that incredibly thick, long hair, dislodging the tie that had held it, and he inhaled deeply before speaking. “I am not so different from you, Theresa. My mother was human. My father—my father is our oldest wise one. We have flesh and blood like you do, but we have powers that are unimaginable to humans in your realm. Once we lived in that realm, until we were crowded out by those baser creatures which supplanted us. It was simpler to come here and leave them the other.”

She knew without bothering to ask exactly what those “baser creatures” were. They were her kind of creature. Human creatures. Humans who didn't have unimaginable powers. Normal humans. She bit her lip and stepped back. “I should think that we both came from the same breeding stock. You look pretty much like a human, except for that huge ego you just displayed.”

No part of the above excerpt may be disseminated without express permission of the copyright holder.

Join me for the Night Winds Release Party October 20, 2014. Hang onto your Amazon receipts! There will be fun stuff and prizes!


Fran Lee

Monday, October 6, 2014

Ride the Night Winds is out for pre-order tomorrow!

Get yours now!

If you pre-order this book and send me your Amazon receipt, I'll put your name into a drawing to receive a copy of one of my print books...signed by a famous author. Oh...I can't get Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign my book for you? Okay...then maybe you'll settle for my autograph. I understand it's not as famous, but maybe someday when I die my books will be worth a pile of dough. Or maybe even money... insist on a tiny little peek at what is inside? Okay...enjoy...

Excerpt Copyright 2014

Fran Lee

A stiff, icy breeze lifted the loose strands of coppery hair from the shoulders of her old woolen overcoat, whipping them across her cold cheeks to remind her that she had forgotten to put her knit cap on before leaving for work at the truck stop cafe where she had just worked the late shift. Again. Not bothering to shove the strands from her eyes, she simply turned her face into the chill wind and allowed it to do the work for her. She heaved a weary sigh and tugged her thick wool scarf closer about her chin and throat as a deep moaning sound moved off the loose shingles of the old warehouse across the street. 

The night felt…strange. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something just didn't seem right. It had been a long time since she’d had a premonition of danger.  A damn long time.

The night felt heavy with it.

God, how she hated working the late shift. Of course, it was better money and late night truckers did tip better. Well, to be honest, she didn’t really hate working late. What she really hated was walking the twenty unlit blocks from the cafe to her ramshackle little house all alone.

It wasn't so bad when Ellen worked late with her, because at least she had someone to walk most of the way home with. Ellen would split off at Connor, leaving her with just a few blocks of walking alone. But she was completely alone tonight. Ellen had called in sick. It had been busy without two waitresses, but she had managed.

She didn't mind walking. It was great exercise. But it was past midnight in a town that rolled up the sidewalks at 10:30. There wasn't even a stray dog out on this particular night. It genuinely gave her the willies, and she had never thought of herself as particularly easily frightened. She almost walked back inside to ask if anyone was headed in her direction. But then, a lot of those truckers were desperately lonely and some were even sorta scary. She might end up in a worse predicament than walking home alone on a stormy night.

You didn’t need to invite disaster.

She lifted her face to the sky and frowned at the dim outline of the full moon she could barely see through the thickening layers of black storm clouds that were blowing in, and she tugged her coat tighter across her chest with a shiver. 

She never worried about getting mugged walking home. Bullock was about the deadest place on earth when it came to muggings. But walking anywhere in the dark bothered her. Ever since she had been a child, she had hated the dark. Things went bump in the dark. Made weird, scary sounds—like the wind howling through the rotten shingles of old Robbie O'Reilly's house as she made the turn at the end of the street and started up the hill.

No, she wasn't worried about getting mugged or robbed.

There hadn't been a major crime in the little town of 2,500 souls since back in 1960, and that had been when Frank Ritter and his motorcycle gang rumbled into town like the black plague, and had terrorized the whole town for nearly five days, killing three people before the Marshals had gunned the six killers down in cold blood.  

But that had been before she had been born.

She had no first hand knowledge like Gran did, but it had become one of those urban legends you heard in small towns. Like the one about “Gentleman” Bob Mercier, who had been shot down by the Marshals in his besieged hotel room after brutally killing three Pinkertons and robbing the Railroad office back in 1910. His ghost was supposed to be walking Main Street most nights of the full moon. She shook her head and sighed.

Ghosts were more likely to get you in Bullock than some mugger. Or maybe the Marshals, if you were doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. The most interesting part of these urban legends were those strange, wraithlike Marshals who always seemed to arrive on the heels of the bad guys, and who vanished the moment the job was done.

The next four blocks were pitch black without the moon out. Street lights were non-existent in this part of town. Wrong side of the tracks. The city council paid little heed to the needs of the poorer side of town. She wished to hell she'd thought to carry her flashlight. These damn sidewalks were full of deep, uneven cracks that could trip an unwary pedestrian in the dark. The old deteriorating sidewalk curved uphill past the old Bullock Cemetery and then back down to cross over Connor Road.

When Ellen walked with her, they would laugh about silly things that had happened during their shift, and discuss the sometimes hilarious propositions they'd gotten. It helped make her forget that the old Cemetery held some of the rottenest souls to ever go to perdition, like the Falcon brothers, who had died in a shootout with —yep—Marshals back in 1860 after they tried to rob the fledgling Bullock bank. They’d killed three townspeople before the Marshals had stopped their escape. The town had talked for months afterwards about how the Marshals had ridden into Bullock right as the Falcon brothers had shot old Hal Farrell and were mounting up to ride.

The old Cemetery was the final resting place of some pretty bad dudes—sort of the “Boot Hill” of Bullock—as well as the “potter's field” of the town. The newer Bullock City Cemetery was on the far side of town, and that was where the “nice” folks were buried. Old Bullock Cemetery was for felons and outlaws and unknown drifters and old Indians who died alone and penniless in the cold.

And Bullock had had its share of very bad boys back in the glory days of the old West. Even though she wasn't exactly superstitious, everyone was damned well aware that some pretty strange things had happened in Bullock over the full moon cycle every October...and definitely every fifty years. Every single one of those scary stories had been set during an October full moon cycle. She shivered and tugged her scarf up to warm her frozen ears.

Oh...not hot enough for you? Well, come back in a day or two for another snippet...I'll heat things up for you a bit.  :)


Fran Lee

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Only ONE reader has taken me up on this offer...

I offered my fans a free e-book over on my Facebook Author Page, but only ONE stalwart individual took me up on it. Congrats to Jessica Wallace, who bought Their Alpha Bitch and got Out of Her Dreams for FREE!

Like I've said repeatedly, giving stuff away is HARD! LOL! 

If anyone knows someone who would love to get a free e-book from Fran Lee, tell them to follow my instructions over on Facebook, and choose one of my backlist books for FREE.  I know there has to be at least one out there who might want one of my books. 

I want to congratulate my wonderful pals who have new releases just out. I am one of those authors who loves to read my friends' books. In fact, I have hundreds of their books. I have come to realize that a very few authors do buy and read books by other authors. I know three good author pals who have bought mine...and I want to thank them for doing that. It's truly a compliment to any author for other authors to purchase his or her books.  Authors know what good books are like, so when one of my pals sends me a message telling me she just finished my book, and loved it, it gives me warm fuzzies. :)

I just finished Laurann Dohner's latest offering, and enjoyed it immensely. Other favorite authors are Cerise DeLand, Cris Anson, Katalina Leon, Tessie Bradford, Amber Skyze, Julia Barrett, Regina Carlysle, Ciana Stone, Lynn Lafleur, Ann Jacobs, Anny Cook, Desiree Holt, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Dee Brice, Frances Stockton, Paris Brandon, Jaid Black, Mari Carr, Shoshanna Evers, and roughly 50 more... :P

I recently did a thirteen book boxed set with a dozen other authors, and I actually BOUGHT the set, even though I got to see their stories free before release day...why? Because they were marvelous stories! I want to be able to read again and again.

Let me know if any of you have bought one of books and thought it fell short of what you expected. I learn from my mistakes, and appreciate hearing from readers. You can e-mail me at


Fran Lee

Friday, September 19, 2014

My first giveaway...

Want to win a copy of Switch Me On?

Here are the simple giveaway rules...

1.)  Go to my Facebook page  (click on the FB link to the right of this post) and "like" my page. Make note of the number that it shows for your membership.  Post a comment on my FB page saying you have "liked" me, then come back over here and comment with your member number.  The first five people to do this will win a copy of Switch me On.

2.)  Go to my Amazon page and like me there. Again, give me the number.

I know...I know...this is a terribly self-serving thing to ask of you, but at least it lets me know you mean business. LOL!

Like I say...the first five will win a copy.  If you are number 6 through number 10, I'll send you an older book from my back list (my choice).


Fran Lee

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I love reading...and I love to write books...

And I have decided that self-publishing is my best choice...

I have been happy at Ellora's Cave for the past five years, but there's a time for sitting back and waiting, and then there's a time for getting in gear and moving forward. I checked out other publishers, but I didn't want to wait six to eight months for them to decide when they would release a new book. I thought about subbing to some of the other up-and-coming publishing concerns, but I have been so spoiled by EC, I don't know if I could handle a new regimen.

So instead of subbing Their Alpha Bitch to my regular publisher and hoping to get a new editor assigned, and then waiting to see if that new editor liked or hated my book, I  simply did what was fastest and easiest...and it took me a whole three days to publish my newest offering.

 I'm good at self-editing, and I'm fairly good at formatting Word to Kindle. And with Kindle, if I publish, then notice I made a big boo-boo, I can just go back in and fix the big boo-boo. And I have caught myself in quite a few big boo-boos.

Nothing is set in stone...and I never have to give up my rights for four to ten years with self-publishing. If a book doesn't sell well, I can un-publish and revise. I can control the money, sell for lower prices than through a big publisher, and people who wouldn't buy from my publisher because they don't want to pay  $5 to $7 for an e-book can get my books for $3.00 or so.

Now, I know there is a lot of competition in self-publishing these days. Authors put a book out there and charge 99 cents.  I did that just up through the week after release day. But I worked hard to write that book, and $2.99 isn't too much to pay for a sexy, entertaining read. It's cheap enough to encourage buyers...and makes it worth my while.

I think I write a good story. I think that folks want a happily-ever-after with their hot sex. :) And I think that I give readers what they want and enjoy. My characters are complex and I love to write with tongue firmly in cheek.  So over the next few weeks, I will be running some contests/giveaways to get rid of all the SWAG I bought over the last five well as a few to give away a free book here and there to readers who haven't become so familiar with my writing.

So drop back by on a weekly could win some fun mugs...keychains...all with some hot and sexy book covers on them.

And of course, follow me on Facebook and Twitter as well. Keep in contact so you don't miss out.


Fran Lee


Friday, September 12, 2014

1-2-3 Testing!

If you are here because you followed my FB link...
And you leave me a comment telling me that you did so, I'll send you something by e-mail...

This is simply a test.  I have absolutely no comments on my blog, mainly because I hate badgering my friends and fellow authors to come over and read my inane prattle. :)  But I truly need to know how many of my FB fans actually do read my posts, and this is one way to find out.

When you comment, please give me your first name and your e-mail address so I can keep my end of the bargain. I promise you that I will not sell your e-mail address to other authors...LOL!

Now...if you arrived at my blog because of my invitation during the Men of Calder County Release Day Event on FB, Just follow my instructions from the event page, and leave a comment telling me that you have done the treasure hunt, and e-mail me with your results at: 

Winners will be announced on FB on Tuesday, September 16th.

Hugs, and thanks so much for following my links...

Fran Lee

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I made a cover video for Their Alpha Bitch...

I have been having a blast with my newest release!

Is currently ranked number 6 in Kindle's Erotic paranormal romances and has been in the top 30 in the category for weeks.  Now, that doesn't mean it's selling millions of means that it's selling better than the other 94 in the top 100 in that category! Snort! And it has ranked as high as number 3!

I am leaving the price at the pre-sale level until September 15, so there's still time to get it cheap.  And if you're not sure you want to buy, get it from the Kindle Owners Lending Library for free! (I still get paid even if you borrow it).

Enjoy the video!




Thursday, August 28, 2014

WOW! Three new releases in one month?

Of course, you already knew about this one...

And you knew about this one...

But you didn't know about this one...
Fran Lee
Available now for pre-order for only 99 cents!
copyright 2014 
     Growing up amidst one of the largest, most powerful wolf shifter packs in North America had prepared Kenna for almost anything...but not for the untimely deaths of her aunt and uncle, alphas of the Dumont pack. Hurrying home from Seattle to find her adoptive aunt on her deathbed was hard enough...but hearing her final request was worse.

     They expected her to do what? Aunt Maggie hadn't really just made her promise to take her three hulking, gorgeous sons as mates...had she? Oh, no way could they expect that. She wasn't a were...her mates would outlive her by a couple hundred years! And there was no way in hell Kenna could handle three hot men...especially men that size!

     Not even in her wildest fantasies...

Click on the titles to purchase!  The boxed set and the book will only be 99 cents until they are released, so save 66% and buy now!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coming in September!

Our beautiful new boxed set will go on pre-order sale Monday August 25, 2014!

Here's my contribution...

Fran Lee
Excerpt copyright 2014

   Flint Calderon rolled his head on the thin pillow with a groan. He wasn’t sure which was worse…his hangover, or the pains from the way that fucking bronc had done a tap dance all over him after his nice clean dismount. He ached from the ends of his hair to his toenails. The slight noise that had awakened him stopped with his groan.
     He cracked one bleary eye open to see who dared disturb him at this ungodly hour, ready to send the bastard scurrying for cover. He couldn’t see anyone in the dim light from the parking lot filtering in through the crack between the curtains of the motel room, but he was certain that he’d heard someone open the door and close it quietly. He let his eye droop closed and drew a deep breath in through his nose. It sure as shit wouldn't be Curley. The elusive scent was definitely soft and gentle. And it was way too early for maid service.
     Shit! If Curley has given his room key to another fucking rodeo bunny, I'm gonna kill his dumb ass.
     “That you, Curley?” His voice sounded like he had a wad of whiskey-soaked cotton stuck in his throat. No one answered, but he heard a slight scuffling noise coming from the direction of the floor. Suddenly tensing despite his pounding head and bruises, he stealthily lifted his head and surveyed the room. If Curley had found his way back to the room he’d answer, hangover or no. But his friend wasn’t flopped across the empty bed. The only clothes he could see strewn around the other bed and the chair were the ones he’d stripped off as he’d fallen into the sack a few hours back. He listened carefully, and heard a soft thump as someone bumped into the underside of his bed.
     He moved quickly, rolling over and snagging the miscreant with one long arm as he hung out of his bed. From what his hand caught, he was damn sure the thief was a “she”. The trapped intruder gave a squeal of shock and struggled like a fish on a hook as he dragged her up from the floor between the beds, rolling her over his body and then under him, pinning her flat on her back as he settled his weight firmly over the little wildcat.
     “Okay, sweetheart…you want to explain why you’re crawling around my floor in the middle of the night before I call the cops?” He swore as the little hellcat tried to poke his eyes out and make a break for it. He jerked both wrists over her head and secured them there with one hand and reached for the lamp switch on the night stand with the other.
     A shaky, muffled voice came from the face that was pressed against his chest as dim light flooded the room. “I was just trying to find a place to hi…” She corrected herself and went on. “Sleep…”
     “So you broke into my room?” he growled, shaking sleep from his muzzy head.
     “I didn’t break in! The door wasn’t locked. I didn’t know anyone was in here until you made a sound. I wasn’t trying to steal anything. I just wanted to keep warm and dry. Just let me go and I won’t bother you any more.”
     Her lips and warm breath against his nipple woke him up a bit more. Goosebumps spread over his chest and back.
     Down, boy…

Check out Amazon Monday...the pre-order sale price is just 99 cents!  You can't lose...there are thirteen hot cowboy stories in one set at a knockout price.



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Want an excerpt from my latest?

Here's a short excerpt from
Copyright 2014 by Fran Lee

Celia Roberts stared around her at the group of women and wondered vaguely how they managed to keep straight faces as they joined hands and chanted. They couldn’t be serious about this, could they? There were elderly women standing in the circle beside younger ones, and some who looked like teeny-boppers…every imaginable kind of woman was here, it seemed, and they were all focused on bringing down Armageddon on CeeCee’s hapless, selfish ex. She shivered as she wondered whether something like this could possibly work.

Probably not.

Why the heck she had ever let Cerise talk her into coming here was beyond her. She wasn’t one to believe in spells and magic, and she certainly wasn’t one to wish anything cruel on anyone, even Cerise’s ex-boyfriend. Sure he was a cheating, selfish swine, but why could Cerise not just dump his sorry ass and forget about him? There were plenty of nicer guys out there who would appreciate Cerise and love her.

Revenge was a petty and unworthy impulse. Celia couldn’t imagine letting frustration or anger take over to the point where she was bent on getting even with anybody. Of course there was somebody she wouldn’t mind putting firmly in his place, but that was another story.

As the chant droned on around her, she saw his face and wished she could make him regret the things he did to others just because he was rich and because he could.

The incense and the chant made her blink as she pictured his handsome face and that wicked, crooked smile she had grown to detest.

Why didn’t she simply look for another job? It would be easier than dealing with a misogynistic, self-centered jerk like Kurt Masters every day. But then she didn’t really deal with him much. She supposed her anger was mainly because of what the man stood for rather than any personal affront to her. Yes. That had to be it. Because Celia Roberts didn’t hold grudges. Not at all. It wasn’t in her to hold a grudge.

Except maybe for that time he’d practically knocked her on her ass getting on the elevator because she hadn’t been moving quickly enough. And let’s not forget the time she had asked if they could install a suggestion box in the employee’s lounge. He’d simply stared at her as if she were some small, nasty bug, and walked away.

He was one of those men with the misguided attitude that his ass was made of twenty-four karat gold and everyone needed to kiss it. Oh, she would love to see him get his comeuppance. But she certainly wouldn’t be the one to give it to him. He was too smart. Too rich. Too damn…everything! He got any woman he wanted without even having to be nice, for Heaven’s sake. The stupid women just flocked to him and enjoyed his abuse. Why did the biggest jerks have to be the most gorgeous ones? Thank God she would never fall for a man like that. The jerk didn’t deserve the attention he got.

The incense was threatening to suffocate her. It was so hot in the room. The chant droned on and she nearly drowsed off, barely catching herself and shaking her head. CeeCee nudged her with an elbow to make her stand up straight, and she frowned at her friend.

“I wish we could just get this over with and go home. I’m about to fall asleep here. It would take a bolt of lightning to wake me up!”

At that moment the woman leading the chant lifted her head and raised her hands to the ceiling. Her voice lifted in a singsong chant.

“Such is the will of the spirits…so mote it be…”

CeeCee gasped and clutched at her arm. “Oh, I hope like hell this works! I can’t wait to see how he acts on Monday…”

Come back and check out the cover...I should have it in a day or so. 


Fran Lee

Monday, August 4, 2014

Coming August 20, 2014...

I don't have my cover yet, but edits were just completed.  This was one of those books that reaches out and grabs the author by the throat and says "drop everything and write me!"  So I did. It took one set of edits and the release date was set.

Here is the official blurb:

Switch Me On
Fran Lee

Kurt Masters is Celia Roberts’ nemesis and complete opposite, until a freak lightning bolt and a magic spell gone awry change everything. Now he’ll learn what it really means to be a woman on the receiving end of an alpha male’s attentions.

Celia has often wished she could get inside Kurt’s head—she never dreamed she’d find herself walking around in his body. With a whole new set of hormones to handle, her boss’s new body starts to look like an intriguing treat.

Inside Scoop:  This book contains scenes of body-swapped sex.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Sunday, June 22, 2014

How many of you use Facebook?

If you have author pages, do you feel obligated to beg for "Likes"?

I started out with a regular FB page as an author, just to get free exposure for my books, but then later I added a professional page. Since I never liked the idea of spamming the hell out of my friends, I don't have a whole lot of "likes".  My regular page is reaching that 5,000 "friends" limit, and when I attempted to switch all my "friends" over to "likes", it didn't work.

Frankly, I'm getting a bit fed up with FB in's shifted and changed so many times and I am no longer "in control" of the contest on my pages, being inundated with outside advertisements and content that I end up having to go in and delete every day or two. FB sneaks posts in that don't come from "friends" and certainly don't come from readers. By the time I just get comfortable with some of the changes they make, they change again.

Anyone have any ideas?  Of course I have my author pages on ARe, and on Amazon, etc. and my author page at Ellora's Cave, but those only reach a finite number of readers.

Some of you send me monthly newsletters, and I go buy your books if they sound good to me, but because I do not have a huge mailing list, I stopped sending out newsletters long ago. I'm pretty sure the 10 of you who got my newsletters got tired of deleting them each month. LOL! I have paid for memberships to Coffee Time Romances, TRS Blue, and posted to their author blog for about a year. But I noticed that I seemed to be the only person to leave comments on other authors' posts, so I began to doubt that anyone ever read the blog posts there.  

I post to several joint blogs, and get perhaps three or four comments from other authors on those posts (thank you to those who are kind enough to leave comments!).  I used to join large author chats on various Yahoo Groups, but there were so many authors all leaving excerpts and chatting, my posts never seemed to show up until the "chat" had ended.

I guess I am just not gung ho enough in my promo attempts.  I have two closed Yahoo Groups that I have used in past years to communicate with my author pals, but when members post excerpts and promo, the only ones who see it are the 30-odd members (who are all authors, too.)

My back list sales had been good from Ellora's Cave, so I just stopped doing a lot of promo. I just did book reviews and interviews for others on my Examiner . com columns, or on my blogs. But I am finding that having only one book out in a year isn't bringing folks to my back list over at Ellora's Cave...and my royalties have slumped alarmingly.

So I warn you now that I will be more aggressive with promo, and will become a royal pain in the butt. In the meantime, if any of you want to toss me a bone and give me some free advertising on your blogs, I would appreciate it.  In return, I will use my blogs to help you promo yours.


Fran Lee