Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I love reading...and I love to write books...

And I have decided that self-publishing is my best choice...

I have been happy at Ellora's Cave for the past five years, but there's a time for sitting back and waiting, and then there's a time for getting in gear and moving forward. I checked out other publishers, but I didn't want to wait six to eight months for them to decide when they would release a new book. I thought about subbing to some of the other up-and-coming publishing concerns, but I have been so spoiled by EC, I don't know if I could handle a new regimen.

So instead of subbing Their Alpha Bitch to my regular publisher and hoping to get a new editor assigned, and then waiting to see if that new editor liked or hated my book, I  simply did what was fastest and easiest...and it took me a whole three days to publish my newest offering.

 I'm good at self-editing, and I'm fairly good at formatting Word to Kindle. And with Kindle, if I publish, then notice I made a big boo-boo, I can just go back in and fix the big boo-boo. And I have caught myself in quite a few big boo-boos.

Nothing is set in stone...and I never have to give up my rights for four to ten years with self-publishing. If a book doesn't sell well, I can un-publish and revise. I can control the money, sell for lower prices than through a big publisher, and people who wouldn't buy from my publisher because they don't want to pay  $5 to $7 for an e-book can get my books for $3.00 or so.

Now, I know there is a lot of competition in self-publishing these days. Authors put a book out there and charge 99 cents.  I did that just up through the week after release day. But I worked hard to write that book, and $2.99 isn't too much to pay for a sexy, entertaining read. It's cheap enough to encourage buyers...and makes it worth my while.

I think I write a good story. I think that folks want a happily-ever-after with their hot sex. :) And I think that I give readers what they want and enjoy. My characters are complex and I love to write with tongue firmly in cheek.  So over the next few weeks, I will be running some contests/giveaways to get rid of all the SWAG I bought over the last five well as a few to give away a free book here and there to readers who haven't become so familiar with my writing.

So drop back by on a weekly could win some fun mugs...keychains...all with some hot and sexy book covers on them.

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Fran Lee



  1. Self publishing makes sense on so many levels. Without knowing a thing about the particulars of actually doing it, it seems difficult and scary to me! :) I have great admiration for you and other authors who are embracing self pubbing.

    1. It scared me to death, but when I actually pubbed the first short-short, I thought it was easy and fun.

  2. YAY! Welcome to the self-publishing world. You deserve to get all the money for your hard work. :)

    1. Yes, I like to see my money without having to wait four or five months. I cleared just enough money on my pre-sale at 99 cents a pop to pay for my professional cover. Now the price is at it's normal level, and I'm sure sales will drop, but that's okay. I had to sell several hundred e-books at 99 cents to get just over a hundred bucks at the low royalty rate. I hope my readers will think their Alpha Bitch is well worth $2.99. :)


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