Saturday, September 27, 2014

Only ONE reader has taken me up on this offer...

I offered my fans a free e-book over on my Facebook Author Page, but only ONE stalwart individual took me up on it. Congrats to Jessica Wallace, who bought Their Alpha Bitch and got Out of Her Dreams for FREE!

Like I've said repeatedly, giving stuff away is HARD! LOL! 

If anyone knows someone who would love to get a free e-book from Fran Lee, tell them to follow my instructions over on Facebook, and choose one of my backlist books for FREE.  I know there has to be at least one out there who might want one of my books. 

I want to congratulate my wonderful pals who have new releases just out. I am one of those authors who loves to read my friends' books. In fact, I have hundreds of their books. I have come to realize that a very few authors do buy and read books by other authors. I know three good author pals who have bought mine...and I want to thank them for doing that. It's truly a compliment to any author for other authors to purchase his or her books.  Authors know what good books are like, so when one of my pals sends me a message telling me she just finished my book, and loved it, it gives me warm fuzzies. :)

I just finished Laurann Dohner's latest offering, and enjoyed it immensely. Other favorite authors are Cerise DeLand, Cris Anson, Katalina Leon, Tessie Bradford, Amber Skyze, Julia Barrett, Regina Carlysle, Ciana Stone, Lynn Lafleur, Ann Jacobs, Anny Cook, Desiree Holt, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Dee Brice, Frances Stockton, Paris Brandon, Jaid Black, Mari Carr, Shoshanna Evers, and roughly 50 more... :P

I recently did a thirteen book boxed set with a dozen other authors, and I actually BOUGHT the set, even though I got to see their stories free before release day...why? Because they were marvelous stories! I want to be able to read again and again.

Let me know if any of you have bought one of books and thought it fell short of what you expected. I learn from my mistakes, and appreciate hearing from readers. You can e-mail me at


Fran Lee

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  1. This giveaway is officially closed for lack of interest. LOL!.


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