Monday, January 16, 2012

I saw this the other day on Facebook and just couldn't resist sharing

After the New Year, I figured that many of us might want to know exactly how our celebrations added to our inability to speak precisely.  So have a bit of fun.  Think about it.



Friday, January 13, 2012

I am amazed at how many people need multiple prompts to get stuff for free...LOL!

Well...I did get rid of some of the biggest stuff...
but people stopped entering after the first nine days...

Sigh...I guess we still need some heavy prodding to stick with it to the bitter end.  Since I have not had an entry since January 10th, I simply went back to the first and chose more winners out of the huge number of entries I received that day. LOL!  I got 40 entries on January 1st!  So several more of you earlybirds are getting e-mails asking for your mailing address.

Out of the 10 days I got entries, I have sent out about 40 prizes.  No sense not choosing more than one per day when there were so many to choose from.  

So if you have not received a prize, there are still two whole days to enter if you still want to.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Welcome to my SWAG giveaway contest...


I have tons of SWAG items that I have amassed during the past year or so, and much of it is useful stuff...
such as T-shirts, tote bags, notebooks, wall calendars, a few print books, and such.

 (No...this guy is not included in the SWAG items I still have.)

Now, there are rules to this contest...not terribly tough ones, but definitely rules that must be followed. If you don't follow the rules, you can't win a prize.

This contest runs from New Year's Day through January 15, 2012 at midnight. There will be a giveaway drawing every 24 hours...

1.)  Prizes will be awarded randomly...I will select one prize each day and you won't know what it is until you receive it.

2.)  You may enter as many times as you like over the 15 days, but once you have won a prize, your remaining entries will be ignored.

3.)  In order to be entered into the daily drawing(s) you must send me an e-mail each day with the current date (eg 1/1/12) and the words "Fran's SWAG Giveaway" as the subject of the e-mail.  Just send one each day.  Send e-mails to:

4.)  Winner will be selected each day at midnight MST.  When winner is drawn, all other entries will be deleted for the next day's drawing.

Those are your rules. Hope they are not too difficult to follow.  

PS!!!  Please give me a name and a snail-mail addy so I won't have to send out an e-mail for the winner to tell me how to get the SWAG item to you!  

Thanks for helping me clean out my closet...