Monday, October 13, 2014

Release day is coming your receipts!

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Theresa Winters had been alone for a long time. She'd lost her father before she was born. She'd lost her mother during childbirth. And she'd lost her Gran two years back. Gran...who had raised her...had been both father and mother to her.  

Gareth had been alone for longer than he cared to admit. He'd lost his mother centuries ago. And he couldn't stand his father. In his world, life was a cold thing. He longed to be able to feel emotions. To be able to touch...and he desperately wanted to touch Theresa Winters...

He'd been watching her since she was a child. Watching over her. Protecting her. But once he had her on his turf, who would protect her...from him?

The full moon is a powerful thing...especially the full moons after the Autumnal Equinox. It is believed that the world of man and the spirit world are closest during the festival of Samhain...and it takes only a slight push to cross between them. Time and realms flux during the full moon...and reality is often what you make it...
Get your discounted copy today on pre-order, and send me a copy of your receipt from Amazon by email to  I will be selecting random receipts for surprise gifts on release day.  One lucky person will win a beautiful ceramic coffee mug with one or more of my beautiful covers on it, or a Fran Lee tote bag or T-shirt.  Hang onto your receipt from Amazon so you can claim your prizes!

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