Saturday, October 18, 2014

Samhain is coming...the spirit world comes closer...

This book was written with those thoughts in mind...

I wrote this book four years ago this month, right after the huge October 2010 Hunter's Full Moon.  It was originally meant to be a spooky Halloween tale, but you know me...I couldn't write something without hot sex and hot guys in it. LOL! So it turned into a somewhat spooky paranormal erotic romance.

I am having a release party on Facebook for this book on October 20, 2014. Please feel free to join us. You don't need an invitation. All you need to join the party is being logged in to your FB account, and clicking on this link: 

There will be excerpts, prizes, giveaways, and chatting.  The only catch is, to win a prize, you need to get over to Amazon before release day and get your 99¢ pre-order copy of Ride the Night Winds. You don't want to wait, because this book will be priced at $2.99 after release day.

Some of the prizes will be...a one-of-a-kind autographed ceramic coffee mug (you can check out the event page for photos), a Fran Lee tote bag...and a Fran Lee T-shirt.   There will be Fran Lee back list books, signed cover flats, mini book marks, as well as fridge magnets with this beautiful cover on them.

Come on over and bring your friends...


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