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Ride the Night Winds
Hunter's Moon

Excerpt copyright 2014 
Fran Lee

“Please stop. I really need some space here. Just give me a few minutes to assimilate all of this.” She pushed at his very solid, very beautiful body and he slowly stepped back, allowing her to move out of his arms. It surprised her that he was so accommodating. Most guys would have pressed their advantage and forced her to smack them upside the jaw.

Gareth felt frustrated—disturbed—and amazingly horny. He had to get her to ask for him to make love to her—and it didn't help that she was being positively jackass stubborn. He drew a deep breath and willed her to come back into his arms. To kiss him again.

“Stop doing that!” she whispered, hugging herself and shaking her head.

He was amazed that she could sense his subliminal commands. And even more amazed that she was able to resist them. Conciliation was in order. “I should apologize for wanting to see and touch your amazingly lovely body. Imagine living in a world where all you can do is look. Then imagine suddenly being able to touch. It can be pretty damned overwhelming.” He drew a deep breath. “Besides—you didn't actually ask for something to wear.” He inwardly winced with the knowledge that he was giving her way TMI.

Amazingly lovely body? He was joking! Unable to assimilate his words, Terry stared up at his face.  Then his words began to sink in. Didn't ask? So all she had to do was ask? The sneaky son of a… She'd have to remember that. Then his words fully sank in. Dear God. This was so completely amazing! The fact that he was making no bones whatever about wanting her was enough to floor her. She'd lived in a small town her entire life, and men just didn't baldly admit to things like that.  At least, not without taking a girl out for dinner and dancing. But then, he kept referring to her as a “human”, so exactly what did that make him? It was becoming very obvious that he was so not a normal type human – and yet he had all the fixtures of a human.

She swallowed hard and asked shakily, “Gareth, who—or what—are you, exactly?”

He ran both hands through that incredibly thick, long hair, dislodging the tie that had held it, and he inhaled deeply before speaking. “I am not so different from you, Theresa. My mother was human. My father—my father is our oldest wise one. We have flesh and blood like you do, but we have powers that are unimaginable to humans in your realm. Once we lived in that realm, until we were crowded out by those baser creatures which supplanted us. It was simpler to come here and leave them the other.”

She knew without bothering to ask exactly what those “baser creatures” were. They were her kind of creature. Human creatures. Humans who didn't have unimaginable powers. Normal humans. She bit her lip and stepped back. “I should think that we both came from the same breeding stock. You look pretty much like a human, except for that huge ego you just displayed.”

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Fran Lee


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