Thursday, August 28, 2014

WOW! Three new releases in one month?

Of course, you already knew about this one...

And you knew about this one...

But you didn't know about this one...
Fran Lee
Available now for pre-order for only 99 cents!
copyright 2014 
     Growing up amidst one of the largest, most powerful wolf shifter packs in North America had prepared Kenna for almost anything...but not for the untimely deaths of her aunt and uncle, alphas of the Dumont pack. Hurrying home from Seattle to find her adoptive aunt on her deathbed was hard enough...but hearing her final request was worse.

     They expected her to do what? Aunt Maggie hadn't really just made her promise to take her three hulking, gorgeous sons as mates...had she? Oh, no way could they expect that. She wasn't a were...her mates would outlive her by a couple hundred years! And there was no way in hell Kenna could handle three hot men...especially men that size!

     Not even in her wildest fantasies...

Click on the titles to purchase!  The boxed set and the book will only be 99 cents until they are released, so save 66% and buy now!

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