Sunday, August 10, 2014

Want an excerpt from my latest?

Here's a short excerpt from
Copyright 2014 by Fran Lee

Celia Roberts stared around her at the group of women and wondered vaguely how they managed to keep straight faces as they joined hands and chanted. They couldn’t be serious about this, could they? There were elderly women standing in the circle beside younger ones, and some who looked like teeny-boppers…every imaginable kind of woman was here, it seemed, and they were all focused on bringing down Armageddon on CeeCee’s hapless, selfish ex. She shivered as she wondered whether something like this could possibly work.

Probably not.

Why the heck she had ever let Cerise talk her into coming here was beyond her. She wasn’t one to believe in spells and magic, and she certainly wasn’t one to wish anything cruel on anyone, even Cerise’s ex-boyfriend. Sure he was a cheating, selfish swine, but why could Cerise not just dump his sorry ass and forget about him? There were plenty of nicer guys out there who would appreciate Cerise and love her.

Revenge was a petty and unworthy impulse. Celia couldn’t imagine letting frustration or anger take over to the point where she was bent on getting even with anybody. Of course there was somebody she wouldn’t mind putting firmly in his place, but that was another story.

As the chant droned on around her, she saw his face and wished she could make him regret the things he did to others just because he was rich and because he could.

The incense and the chant made her blink as she pictured his handsome face and that wicked, crooked smile she had grown to detest.

Why didn’t she simply look for another job? It would be easier than dealing with a misogynistic, self-centered jerk like Kurt Masters every day. But then she didn’t really deal with him much. She supposed her anger was mainly because of what the man stood for rather than any personal affront to her. Yes. That had to be it. Because Celia Roberts didn’t hold grudges. Not at all. It wasn’t in her to hold a grudge.

Except maybe for that time he’d practically knocked her on her ass getting on the elevator because she hadn’t been moving quickly enough. And let’s not forget the time she had asked if they could install a suggestion box in the employee’s lounge. He’d simply stared at her as if she were some small, nasty bug, and walked away.

He was one of those men with the misguided attitude that his ass was made of twenty-four karat gold and everyone needed to kiss it. Oh, she would love to see him get his comeuppance. But she certainly wouldn’t be the one to give it to him. He was too smart. Too rich. Too damn…everything! He got any woman he wanted without even having to be nice, for Heaven’s sake. The stupid women just flocked to him and enjoyed his abuse. Why did the biggest jerks have to be the most gorgeous ones? Thank God she would never fall for a man like that. The jerk didn’t deserve the attention he got.

The incense was threatening to suffocate her. It was so hot in the room. The chant droned on and she nearly drowsed off, barely catching herself and shaking her head. CeeCee nudged her with an elbow to make her stand up straight, and she frowned at her friend.

“I wish we could just get this over with and go home. I’m about to fall asleep here. It would take a bolt of lightning to wake me up!”

At that moment the woman leading the chant lifted her head and raised her hands to the ceiling. Her voice lifted in a singsong chant.

“Such is the will of the spirits…so mote it be…”

CeeCee gasped and clutched at her arm. “Oh, I hope like hell this works! I can’t wait to see how he acts on Monday…”

Come back and check out the cover...I should have it in a day or so. 


Fran Lee

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