Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Been unable to write most days...too many sleepless nights.

I can't get my next book out until January. Been awake almost all night lately.  This is the first year without my daughter and sleep just won't come. Besides...nobody ever reads or comments on this blog, so most folks don't know I was hoping to get a book out by Christmas. LOL!  So This is simply a notice to anyone who dropped by that I can't keep that schedule.

Hugs, and I hope your Christmas will be a good one.

God bless...



  1. Dear Fran

    I discovered your work through Skinwalker's Woman, one of my few, 5 star reads. I bought The Men of Calder County on the strength of your works alone. Upon reading the dedication of this anthology I discovered that you had recently lost your daughter. Ultimately this information led me here, to this post of yours. At night, in those quiet, dark hours please understand that readers are here, reading your blog, your writings, we may not obvious or loud, but we are here and this particular reader wants to say how very sorry she is on hearing about the loss of your daughter.

    1. Aw, thanks for the kindness, Lucy. It's been a bit rough this year. Hopefully I'll get back into work soon.


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