Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding Interviews For

Now, you can't blame me for putting this totally naughty picture here...

Because this is just the first of many interviews with some of the world's hottest, sexiest cover models!

Meet John Antorino...a nice little Italian boy from Jersey. Looking hot and steamy...ooooh yeah!

John has three Romance covers to his credit, and will most likely be getting many more. He has a quality about himself that is totally hot. Not classically handsome, he exudes sex appeal with a pair of golden brown eyes...and a lot of intensity. This cover that I displayed on dated 04/22/09 was a good one. Unfortunately, a cover model is only as good as the photographer, and some of the other covers I saw were not so professional.

John has a number of great fitness magazine covers to his credit though, and hopefully he'll get some more good covers from DCL.

A good cover is essential to the sale of any book. A poorly-done cover impedes the ability of even the best book to market well. So cover artists and cover models are an important part of the sales team. Over the next month I will be interviewing cover models from several publishing houses, and putting them on And here...


  1. Fran - you so have the right idea! I don't know how you get so much accomplished but glad you do!

  2. Hi Fran!

    Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I'm the cover artist that designed this cover!

    I wish you could have seen the entire photo when John and Veronica brought it to me! I'm still wiping the drool! LOL And I smiled while working on this the whole time!!!

    John definatly captured the essence of Veronica's hero for the cover and it was a joy working with him!

    Of course, that would be expected from the man known as Superman! LOL
    Great work John!

    (Head cover artist for DCL Publications)

  3. A good cover will definitely get my attention.

    John's got a very nice...bod. :)


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