Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Need A Man!

Ever had a problem dreaming up your next hero?

I was trying to picture my next hot guy, and so I was perusing the various photos that I have amassed. This one stopped me dead.

You know...I would LOVE to be that woman with her arms wrapped around this delicious guy! All thoughts of looking for a hero left my mind and I sighed.

Whatta hunk.

This is the same couple on my cover for Out of Her Dreams...except I sorta like him without the white towel. Rowrrr!

This is the problem of erotic romance authors who just happen to be old, chubby, and single. Damn, but I would love to get me some of that!

But I think he could easily outrun me if I did see him at Romanticon (if I were going). *sigh* Ah, least my imagination is still in great working order.

Do you ever wonder what on earth would happen if the heroes in all our hot novels suddenly came to life, and came knocking on our door? Now, those of you who have HH's might not be pleasantly surprised to find a batch of hard, hot, handsome hunks standing on your doorstep, all drooling over you, but this old fart would probably die of delight. Yum! Okay guys...I know I write hot stuff, but one at a time, please? This antique body and heart won't handle all the stuff I write. That was sort of the premise behind Out of Her Dreams. But Samantha could more than handle that hot, delicious guy...while this author would most likely hyperventillate and turn blue at the sight of a man like that grinning at me.

Ah...the powerful imagination of an erotic romance author is wonderful, is it not?



  1. LOL! I've got to stop answering the door while wearing my old sweats. Too scary;-)if any of my hunks would show up!

  2. Ah, if any of my heroes would show up...I'd pop the cork on my fave cava or prosecco, after I changed from my work-out-yoga everyday work clothes, don my make-up and try to think of what to say. What DOES one discuss with a hunk? Most are models. And in biz for themselves so I would assume they are not JUST a
    I wonder if they READ. DO THEY READ? OUR books? The ones they grace?
    Oh, heavenly thought. That's like training a man, no?

  3. Don't know what I'd do if any of my hunks materialized. Probably offer to cook him something. Yeah, I'm soooooo exciting. HA.

  4. Aw, shucks, ladies! Thanks for dropping by! I was busy taking care of three hot hunks from my, what do you serve with naked male? Red or white wine?

  5. Sometimes I go "shopping" on the internet, too, to find my heroes. Usually I have someone in mind already.

    Do you think the romance models on the covers ever read our books? What do they think?

  6. I have asked some of them that question, dear. A couple have laughed and admitted they have read some romance books. Others have just laughed. :P I think if they read our books, they could learn a lot about what women like to fantasize over. LOL!


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