Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Yam A Baaaaad Goil...


I am, typically, a dirty old lady.

I am into Phallic symbols.

I am into naughty bits.

I am into hot male tushies.

But I yield to public pressure.

I think I have shocked all of my friends and readers enough this week, so I must change to cat photos...

I received 2,000 angry e-mails from the Harper Valley PTA and 4987 voodoo dolls with tiny chastity belts on them in protest of my dirty pictures. Who am I to argue with that kind of adverse reaction?

So here is a cat photo that has absolutely nothing to do with my phallic symbol mentality. I think. Um...I'll let you make up your mind. Am I a dirty old lady, or what?

Have a great day!



  1. Hello!!!!!!! You write erotic romance! How can they expect anything less than a nekkid man???

  2. Girl I will send a muscle bound cowboy with a bull whip over to your house to punish you if you dare consider changing things for...wait a minute that probably won't work for you...It wouldn't for me. Crap. Just don't change who you are and what you post based on other people's narrow frames of reference. Mwah!

  3. Oh, My! I don't understand what all the fuss is about. There was that delicious picture of the Gingerbread Man. He did look quite biteable. Then there was that sporty photo of the young man with the athletic thighs. One of my great philosophies of life is: "If you don't like it, don't look at it!". Why would anyone look at an erotic romance writer's blog and not expect erotica and such?

    Fran, if you must be least you are the best: )

    Love YA!

  4. Oh no. Never change, Fran! Never change to pictures of puss.... Almost said that, lol ( oh, but I soooo did because you know how that ends...LOL )! Keep up the pics of hot males. You always find the hottest tushies around!

  5. Go you for having thousands of followers who checked out your blog and got pissed! You're a master of promo and advertising! The beauty of the human body, incredibly romantic stories of people finding their happily ever after - oh my God, the Horror!!!

  6. Okay...the votes are in. I Yam a dirty old lady.

    You are all too young to remember the song about the Harper Valley PTA...LOL!

  7. I was out all day yesterday and missed this fabulous post! Nope, I'm old enough to remember Harper Valley PTA and I always thought she had the right idea!!!!

    Never change Fran!

  8. Never yeild, Never Give Up....Never never never. (I think Winston Churchill said

  9. Actually,I think that was "Never give up...never surrender..." and Tim Allen said that in Galaxy Quest! LOL! I love you guys! Thanks so much!

  10. Hey, kiddies! I hope you didn't think this post was totally serious...because it was totally sound gross. The Harper Valley PTA was a song that came out many years back about how a mom handled a conservative, right-wing, ultra hypocritical bunch of PTA members. Most of you are too young to remember that. LOL! And chastity belts on voodoo dolls? Thanks for leaping to my defense instantly...I will try to alert everyone to the levity intended in future. I'm old song. Love!


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