Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am going to Romanticon!

I missed last year's Romanticon. I am not missing this year's!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ellora's Cave Publishing. 
There will be a huge 10th anniversary celebration...
Besides that, I have my first EC print book to autograph!

I have been an Ellora's Cave author since June 2009, and have seven books out with them, plus the print edition of Out of Her Dreams.  At first, I was totally gung-ho in the promo department, making cover trailers for not only myself but for about fifty other authors! It taught me a lot about making professional-looking trailers.  After learning what the process was, I began to pay for premium services, stock photos, and music, and now I am searching for better software for creating my trailers.  Goes to show, you just keep on learning.

 My first OOHD cover trailer was okay...but I re-cut it last month, using some of the newer technology.  Sigh...still using nothing but the cover, here is the new slightly improved trailer...

I will be taking a DVD of all my cover trailers to play on my laptop computer at my signing station, and I will be taking a number of goodie bags to give away.  Not only will I submit SWAG items, but also personal giveaways for my fans. (All twenty of them...LOL!)

So if you are going to Romanticon, please look me up...I will be doing a reader workshop with Amber Skyze called "Recipe For Success"  and you are all invited to attend.  Again, even more goodies as door prizes for those who attend.  All in all, I think this will be a huge learning experience for me, and it will be a fabulous way to meet face to face with all the wonderful new friends I have "met" online over the past year.

Hope to see you there!  October 7-10 2010...see details on the Jasmine-Jade webpage.


  1. Fran
    I couldn't go last year either but I'm sure going this year and I can't wait to meet you! Add me to that fan count of yours! LOL.

  2. Hopefully I'll see you NEXT YEAR!!! Congrats on your first print book:)

  3. That's wonderful Fran, it sounds like you are in for a fantastic time. Like the new trailer too.

  4. Ah, man. I so wish I could go to Romanicon some day. Your station sounds like it's going to be the most interesting stop spot. I love the DVD player idea to show your trailers and, well, who doesn't want to win goodie bags.

    Have lots of fun for me too! Congrats on being able to sign out your first print book!


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