Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

I took this picture of a man lying back on a hot purple satin bed...but when it came out, there was no guy...

So I am just gonna tell you that he was something else. Yum! Oh, well...now about that light I saw...I was dreaming and I saw a face from my past...WAY past...like when I was 12. It was a guy I had a wild crush on. A hot, delicious NA guy who was my hero back then.

He ran a big herd of mustangs, and he let me ride them when they came into town to munch on people's gardens, lawns, and lilacs.  Now, needless to say, I was about the only one who liked those horses, so the man sort of liked me.  I would give him a call on our brand new three-party-line phone (after waiting for everyone else to finish, of course)  and let him know where the horses were before the sheriff got a call.  He would come out in his pickup and turn the sheep dogs loose and they would send them off home pronto. And I would always get a free ride.

Well, anyway...I grew up and he moved on to a new spot where the horses would be able to graze, and his sheep would not rove into cattleman's pastures...but I never forgot that tall, lean, long-haired guy. Yum.  I decided to write him into a new story.  So wish me luck...I have a week left to finish the wip and sub it.



  1. Good luck. I am sure that he was quite the man and will make the basis of a wonderful character.

  2. Good Luck, Fran! I'm sure you'll get it done.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I m hard at work on him...err...his story, right now.


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