Saturday, August 27, 2011

Got my new cover...

Uncertainly Yours
coming soon from Ellora's Cave

I subbed this one is April.  I got my cover last week, but am still waiting on the first edits.  I have been assured that the book will be released before year's end, so, here's hoping...

Just got past my birthday...survived one more year.  Almost past the post-herpedic pain of the shingles I got a couple of months ago.  Stress does some gnarly things to us, huh?

Romanticon is coming up too, and I'm pretty stressed about that.  Last year I got so sick on the return flight, I thought I would die.  But I did survive. Hmmm...

I'll let you know when the next book is released.  Thanks for checking my blog out, kiddies!


  1. Love the new cover, Fran! I'm excited for a new Fran Lee book. ;)



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