Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you ready for the New Year?

Are you rarin' to get into the new year?

Well, I hope so, because on January 1, 2012, I will be posting my New Year's Party contest...and this one requires just a teensy bit of WORK on your part to win any of a number of nice prizes. Oh...what are the prizes, you ask?  Well, I have several limited edition Fran Lee Romance wall calendars...several beautiful (If I may say so myself) coffee mugs that showcase my latest covers and will sport my autograph (which might prove valuable after I win the Nobel Prize for Erotic literature)...several handy dandy tote bags graced with Fran Lee book covers (so you can advertise for me when you head to the market)...several wonderful T-shirts that show one of my book covers...and a few lovely glossy notebooks (also sporting my book covers). I also will be giving away print books (I have six available) and some of my back-list e-books.

So, come on over and help me clear out my excess SWAG items! There will be a number of winners (depending on how many entries I get) and I really need the space in my closet 'cuz I have stacks of SWAG boxes in there.

Don't forget the date...January 1, 2012...and join in the fun.

The contest will run from New Year's Day through January 15, 2012.  Contest rules will be strictly adhered to, so if you don't follow them, you will probably miss out on your prize. 

Of course, I am  very sure that a lot of you won't want SWAG items, but just think...someday when I am on the New York Times best seller list for my erotic cook book, you can always point to my SWAG stuff and proudly say "Hey...I got that direct from the Author Herself".

How exciting!  And some of my SWAG stuff is even useful...like keeping track of the date...drinking coffee from it...using it to hold your house and car keys...jotting down notes in your College Civics class...carrying your stuff out of the grocery store...wearing over that itsy-bitsy bikini top...use them as door-stops...etc.

So hop on over on New Year's Day, and join the fun.

Again, I won't spam the loops, so you get only one reminder on New Year's Day...that's it.  Ten posts are not necessary to let people know there is a contest...LOL!

Thanks for reading!




  1. LOL! I take it you will be there? :)

  2. If that guy in the poster was one your give aways...I'd be there in a heartbeat. However, I plan to participate because I love your books just as much. Hope to keep up with this contest.
    Judy King


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