Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm never sure when I post to this blog if anyone will read it...

I don't always go to the loops and ask for folks to come and read...

And when I do, I still only get a few folks who drop over and read.  So I blog mainly for myself...talking about how I feel and what is bugging me. I have a couple of good pals who drop over and comment, and I count myself lucky to have them.  To those of you who drop in every now and then, my deepest thanks.

 It's wonderful that you are kind enough to encourage this old broad. LOL!

Some of us have been friends since I first started writing, back in 2008-2009...and it thrills me to see you writing and getting your work published.  I know what a challenge it is to keep fighting to get your muse to work, and to get your work accepted.  Some of you have gone to mostly self-publishing.  Others have branched out to other smaller publishers.  It amazes me how proud I am to know each of you...for many of us began writing and getting published around the same time.

Thanks so much for your courtesy and concern.  And thanks for being there for me.


Fran Lee


  1. I'll always be here for you, Fran. :) Hugs

    1. Thanks, darlin'...that means so much to me.


Thanks so much for leaving a helps me know that people really do read my blog posts. If you read back through my prior posts, you will notice that I get very few comments. :)