Saturday, March 29, 2014

I just finished creating a brand new website...

And I would like your opinions...

I have been looking to modernize and professionalize my sad little Angelfire free website, but just couldn't afford the website redesign by a real pro, nor could I afford the monthly update fees they wanted to charge me.  So I was crying in my beer, until one of my friends suggested that I try an inexpensive web hosting site that was professional looking, and easy to keep up.

I followed her advice. I got one of the wix sites like she has, and she kindly got me started. I spent many more hours today working on it...perfecting it...and finally got it to where I think I can actually do it without a babysitter. LOL! (Now, if I could just learn to spell...)

I paid a professional to fix me up with some logos and a banner, and now it actually appears to be a real professional website.  Simple, clean, and something I can be proud of.  Of course, I will keep my Angelfire site, and link to it to  show reviews and stuff.

So can you trot on over to my new site and let me know what you think?

I want to thank my cover goddess, Syneca, for all her tireless efforts to help me out here. If not for you, I would still be crying in my beer,,,and that would be a terrible waste of a good Corona.


Fran Lee


Thanks so much for leaving a helps me know that people really do read my blog posts. If you read back through my prior posts, you will notice that I get very few comments. :)