Thursday, January 8, 2015

Half-price sale on books at Ellora's Cave!

Now 50% off at Ellora's Cave

Now 50% off at Ellora's Cave

Now 50% off at Ellora's Cave

Now 50% off at Ellora's Cave

Those of you who have not purchased my older books are in luck...because Ellora's Cave has reduced the prices on many of our older releases by 50%! 

Of course, Amazon and other third party sellers have also reduced the prices...but I actually get a better share of the cover price when readers buy my books from my publisher...and you end up paying less buying from Ellora's Cave.

So if you want to assure an author that they will get a better deal, don't buy from Amazon. Amazon gets a bigger cut of the pie than the publisher or the author. Even those of us who have done self-pubbed books with Kindle are getting shafted by the company that cuts author profits by offering our books for free under the Kindle Unlimited plan...some authors have lost close to 75% of their royalties by agreeing to Kindle Unlimited. 

Writing is a real job. Having someone undercut what little profit we manage to get with all the competition out there makes it difficult for authors to keep working hard to give our fans great books.

Many of us started self-publication with Kindle because we wanted more than a minor cut of the pie. But after the first couple of years of everything going great, Amazon started throwing more monkey-wrenches into the works. To be guaranteed the wide-spread public recognition afforded by Amazon's world-wide audience, authors had to give up more and more of their share of the pie. 

So if you want to check out the Ellora's Cave website and look for great bargains, please do!  Buying direct from the publisher assures you the lowest available prices, and assures that your favorite authors can continue to bring you more of what you want to see.


Fran Lee

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