Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nudity...what's your take on going bare?


If I had a guy running around next door in front of his windows in the bare nekkid buff, I would likely not survive. Or he might not survive...whatever.

Oh, there was a time when I ran around stark nekkid in my when I ran out of laundry and had to wash a load in order to find clean skivvies. But I looked a bit different back then. If I did that now, I'd most likely end up terrorizing the meter reader who glances into the back window every now and then and waves.

In the summer, I sometimes sleep in the buff. Fresh sheets feel so cool and inviting against bare skin.

And I ALWAYS shower nude. You know...until I started undressing to shower, I had so much more laundry to do!

How do you feel about nudity? Do you feel comfy running around in the buff? Come on...admit it.



  1. Ummm. Love your nekkid hottie! snort. I have no problem running around the house that way as long as the house is EMPTY. Of course, I always glance around furtively and rush a bit when I do it.

  2. Hi Fran. I'm a nude sleeper with Mr. Laurann and wouldn't have it any other way. I usually walk around that way unless it's cold or the kids get up... then grab an oversized T-shirt to put on. I do keep all my curtains closed. I don't want to shock the neighbors. LOL.

  3. I can't sleep nude, darn it! My Nude Spanish Guitarist can do it, no problem. When I try,I either get cold or feel like something's just not right til I put on some clothes!

  4. I'm totally for nude showering :-)
    I have a lot of trouble sleeping nekkid though. The sheets tickle and I also have an abnormal fear of having to run out of the house in an emergency and not having on clothes. Weird, I know.

  5. I sleep way better naked. When the kids were little I wore boxers and tee shirts. Once they went off to college - nekked! But I only run around the house naked in the middle of the night with the lights off, or if I'm making an emergency run to the laundry room in the daytime. With my luck, the Jehovah's Witnesses would be peeking in the window beside my door!

  6. Showering naked is a good thing...saves on drippy wet clothes and having to rush to the dryer to put them in!
    Never could feel comfortable sleeping in the nude. I'm always cold...even in summer...and need pjs or a nightgown or sleep in.
    And the older I get, the less likely I'd want to freeze my butt off 'cause I move slower and would have to remember where the damn robe was!

  7. I can't slept if I get tangled in pajama's... I have to sleep nude with a bathrobe near my hands! lol
    XXOO Kat

  8. Fran, you crack me up! I love being naked. Hubby and I take a naked vacation each year :).

  9. I couldn't resist this cat...poor nekkid thing! This is the kind of kitty who needs a sweater!

  10. Naked in my bedroom, closet and shower.
    Shades down.
    Hey, I used to live in Washington,D.C.! You want nothing misinterpreted THERE!
    And I like my home landscaping to be natural, plentiful around the perimeters so that I can go out in the morning with my coffee in my jammies, and in my swimsuit to sit on the patio if I want...or for any other festivities with hubbie.
    BTW, ugh on the cat. just me. But what happened? A fire? He was frightened? I get it: a scaredy cat.

  11. LOL! It's a special breed of cat...a Canadian Hairless, breed name Sphynx. To quote:

    The Sphynx, also known as the Canadian hairless cat, has skin the texture of Chamois leather, often covered with “peach fuzz, which displays the markings that the fur would have (were there any). Hairless cats, while follicularly challenged, come in all manner of feline variations (solid, point, van, tabby, tortie, etc). Without the barrier of an insulating coat, the hairless cat’s velvety skin feels warm to the touch.


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