Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awaiting cover art and release date...

I am hoping to receive my cover art and my release date for my New Ellora's Cave book, Woman on Fire. While my hero is a jeans and cowboy hat kinda guy, he is first and foremost a hot Native American with black hair to his waist. Sometimes the perfect guy for the cover doesn't have that gorgeous long hair.

I have been fortunate to have gotten one of the world's most talented and wonderful cover artists, and I have faith that her interpretation of my cover will be fabulous. I used to overwork the cover request, giving minute details about build, skin, hair, etc. but soon found that I didn't have to go through all that. Not when you have a cover artist who seems to read minds and comes up with the most scrumptious covers in creation!

So as I await the final edits from my patient and kind editor, I worry far less about having the perfect cover. It is a godsend to have cover artists who know how to create hot, utterly delicious covers. And I want to take this moment to thank the wonderful Syneca for all the stunning cover work she comes up with!



  1. I second that! Syneca is awesome. I too only put a few words on my requests and BOOM, she creates exactly what I wasn't saying! :)

    We are very lucky to have her. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for your new one. I'm sure it will be hot.

  2. YEOW!
    I dig this guy. WHERE does he live? Can I stalk him?
    gasping for air.

  3. With Syneca as the artist, you should end up with an amazing cover.

  4. Um, who is this person with the ho ho ho???? Jeez. LOL. I agree on the cover art request stuff. I stopped over-explaining and over-describing a long time ago because I've learned to trust the creative abilities of the cover gods. They truly know what they are doing. Syneca is awesome as is Dar. Both just wonderful and I've loved the covers I've gotten from these talented women.

  5. Your covers all look fabulous to me!

  6. The comment in Chinese translates roughly to
    "Sends-reads sends-reads said… Forever supports you"

    If the non-English comments translate into naughty stuff, I delete it.

    I agree...our cover artists are the best!


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