Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Newsletter...

I used to have a professional newsletter. You of those you pay to use? It was fine for awhile, but in order to "get my money's worth" out of it, I sent out newsletters every new release, and every other happening. I am pretty sure most of the folks on my mailing list simply pressed the "delete" button. So when it expired, I didn't renew.

But I do think that having a newsletter is important, if only to let fans and pals in on new things that are happening in our lives. So I have created a simple e-mail format bells and tracking of "clicks", and I will send out my "new" newsletter just one time. After that, if fans and pals want to check out new release contests, important happenings, etc., they can come to my website and/or my blogs and simply click the "News" link. That way, I won't be sending out e-mails every few weeks, and you won't have to delete them every few weeks. LOL!

Plus, I promise not to promote the same books over and over and over ad nauseum. In fact, there will only be book promo in the news if I have a special contest, or if I have a new release coming out. Otherwise, my newsletter will be full of plain old gossip, silliness, and an occasional free read.

Thanks so much for being here for me when I needed you. Those of you who have left kind comments, given me advice when needed, and ignored me totally when I ranted and whined have been a god-send to me. Thank you.




  1. I do mine once a month. I'm not sure if it's too much, but I offer contests to subscribers every month. A little thank you for sticking with me. :)

    Signing up for yours honey.

  2. Thanks, sweetie! Go click the news link above for the August newsletter. I am going to send it out to the ones on my list,and then all future newsletters will be on my website. I will put blurbs on my blogs when a new one goes up. Hugs!

  3. I also send mine out once a month...when I have news. Last year I was diligent about sending it, but in May, I got word of my release date AFTER I'd sent it. So I sent out another one, and had two people ask me to remove me from the list. So this year, I've only sent it when I have news...which was only in January and February. I'll probably send one out next month, since I've signed another contract...Can you add me to your mailing list?

    What about creating a yahoo group just for the newsletters like Amber, Cindy, and Brynn?

  4. Definitely want to keep up on your latest scoop, so thanks for the newsletter link. And I totally adore your new babies.

    Made a note about the upcoming chat, as well as your new contest. I love reading your blog, so this is a fun way to get the scoop on new releases and maybe win some swag.

  5. I've never had a newsletter -- maybe I should start one? I like your idea of a simple email newsletter. I do have a yahoo group, but I haven't had time to promote it. Ugh -- so much to do, so little time! Lol.

  6. I want to thank my Chinese friends for leaving comments, but kanji is always removed. If you wish to leave a comment, please do so in English.

  7. Wish I could promo as well as you do. Always somethig interesting.. Way to go...Jean


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