Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sigh...Romanticon was a blast...

Jaid Black and Patty Robb Marks 
Owner and CEO of Ellora's Cave Publishing

Cris Anson, Angelo Riguero, Desiree Holt, Kaenar Langford, and Cerise DeLand

Cover model and Ellora's Cave employee extraordinaire Lisa Gray

EC's first cover models, CJ Hollenbach and Shannon Smith

Brand new hot and sweet Caveman Cole Reilly

Two more hot Cavemen, Ace Boogie and Will (honorary Caveman)

Francesca Hawley, Joel Sajian (Caveman Alex) and Cris Anson

New Caveman Mmmmmanuel...yummmmm

Kaenar Langford (aka Spike) and Cris Anson

I call this one "Patty sandwich"

Hot new Caveman Georgio and Cris Anson

Boss and some of the New Cavemen...

CJ Hollenbach in his future costume

And CJ Hollenbach as his own photog "fixed" my photo LOL

Cerise DeLand and..."that woman"

These are just a few of my pics.  I have uploaded most of them to Facebook, but wanted to share them here with you. If you "borrow" one, be sure to give me photo credits* wherever you display them.  *That's just professional courtesy...:P

I had a blast...wish all of you could have been there.  Met lots of wonderful new people, and "met" a lot of my online pals face to face. LOL!  Had a lot of wonderful conversations, and tons of fabulous fun. (Was that effusive or what?)

 Anyway, I will share more of my photos soon.

Fran Lee


  1. Great photos, Fran! I can't believe I had to miss it this year.


  2. It was a huge batch of fun....:)

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures Fran! It looks like soooo much fun!
    XXOO Kat

  4. It truly was! I would have loved to see you there...

  5. Sooooo glad I was able to spend some time with you!


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