Friday, October 7, 2011

Win a PRINT book or e-book of your choice! Oktoberfest is here!

You can WIN a copy of one of my PRINT books
One of my e-books...

Just follow the instructions below, (leave a comment on this blog post that says "I entered!" but do not leave your answer in your comment) then go to my website and use my "Contact Fran" page to send me an e-mail with your answers.  Be sure to put "Fran's Oktoberfest Contest" as the subject of your e-mail.  

In the body of the e-mail after your answers, be sure to give me your full name, your snail mail addy (unless you are outside the US in which case your prize will be an e-book) and your AGE.  Unless you state that you are at least 18 years of age I will not put you into the drawing.

Everyone who enters will win a prize, but only one can win the print book.  :)

This contest will run through October 31, 2011. Winner(s) will be selected by drawing at midnight Halloween...bwah hah hah....

Have fun!
1.)  Go to my Facebook page and click on the "photos" link on the left sidebar.  (Should show "33" photos) Once on my photo page, select the album "Romanticon 2011".  Pick the photo you like best out of all of them, leave a comment on that photo that says "This is the one I love best" and add the number "2011".

2.)  Go to my website and use the "Contact Fran" page.  Tell me which photo you loved best out of the ones I took at Romanticon 2011.  Tell me if you are one of my "fans" on Facebook. (You can become a "fan" by following the Facebook fan link on my blog), and if you are the winner of the contest, you will get another prize for just being my "fan". :)

Have's not a hard major running around...

Hugs, and good luck!

Fran Lee


  1. You are entered into the drawing...LOL!

  2. LOl I guess I got confused andyway I like the picture with all the cavemen in it hubba hubba
    fan on Fb

  3. well gonna do this but you know what photo i liked i put it on my facebook LOL

  4. LOL! You are entered in the drawing, sweetie! Thanks!


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