Monday, June 25, 2012

Still waiting for a release date...

When I get my release date, I will schedule a giveaway...

Of course, it absolutely will not be ice cream.  Too hard to mail.  Tactical problems with getting the prize to the winner in solid form.  But, say, if I DID decide to give away ice cream, what would your favorite flavor be?  I mean, just in case.  I mean, it IS a possibility that I could just let the ice cream melt and then send it in a ziplock bag that you could pop into your freezer.


I have three utterly marvelous gift cards for $10 off on fabulous chocolates.  The sad part of chocolate gift cards? Designer chocolate gift cards can only be used at a manufacturer location.  Or online. And using them to purchase candy online means you pay about $25 even with the gift card, PLUS exorbitant S&H.  So your nice gift costs YOU about $35.

Sigh again...

Maybe I could give away cotton candy.  Of course, there are tactical problems with that as well.  I suppose I could send the cotton candy machine and several sugar packets so that the winner would have the messy stuff to handle on their end.  I bought one for know...grandkids?  OMG!  By the time we all had blue and purple sugar fluff all over the damn house, in our hair, stuck to every bit of bare skin seen, it was scary!  Oh...and forget trying to clean up that might as well toss the machine out as try to clean it. LOL!

So...I suppose I will be forced to give away a book, or something like that.  No melting.  No mess.  No added unseen costs in the gift package.   Sigh.  So uninspired.  Well, I suppose there's nothing else I could give that wouldn't give the recipient a headache, as well as the sender.

But just in case you DO prefer ice cream, chocolate, or cotton candy, let me know what flavors you prefer...there are dozens of flavors of chocolate, you know...




  1. LOL! The cotton candy party does sound a bit scary. I think I'd take my chances with ice cream. My favorite this summer has to be these little mini chocolate/peanut butter bars from Schwans. If I only eat one I don't have to feel terribly guilty:)but it's an ice-cream peanut butter cup and I have to be the weakest human on the planet when it comes to those two flavors!

    Good luck with your contest. I'm sure anything you choose to give away will be wonderful!

    1. It was terribly scary...I was covered in sticky fluff that I couldn't get out of my hair until I showered. Snort! But the kids adored every minute! Ice cream preference noted.

  2. Oh now I am a cotton candy fanatic. I have stopped myself from buying the machine otherwise I would be eating it 24/7.

    Bookmarks,magnets,bags,tshirts and such are always fun to get as well.

    1. I got the machine and Wally World for $20 last Christmas...the things were not selling at all, and the packages of half a dozen sugar packets were selling for $3 a pop. I pretty great deal, even if it was a trial to clean it up afterward.


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