Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Changing tack...

It's time for me to invite friends to do interviews and guest blogs again...

It's been a long time...and so many of my pals have great new books coming out...I think it's time to make good use of this blog. I've been terribly lazy. I used to be such a social creature, but over the past year I have slipped back into being a total introvert. Having a bad writing slump can do such terrible things to a person.

So, beginning in September, I hope to have at least one guest each week here. And I will be reviewing at least one book every month. It's time for me to emerge from my shell.

I Plan to bombard the Yahoo loops with invitations to do guest shots, so those of you who drop by occasionally get first dibs on my guest blogs. If you are interested in doing a guest blog, or being interviewed, raise your hands...

Um...I don't see any hands in the air...





  1. Me, me, me! My hand is up. ;)

    I'm glad you'll be back. I've gone through the same thing with the loops. I've gone into a shell and in Sept I plan to come out.

  2. I don't know, Fran. Sometimes I consider not blogging at all...

    1. I used to rah-rah everyone all the time. After three years of work and some disappointing times, it felt as if I were standing in one place, just moving my feet. That's when i got into that awful funk I went through. In all the years online, I still have about the same small circle of loyal and wonderful friends...all the promo, and all the spamming all the loops did absolutely nothing for me or my books. My last two books have no reviews except from a private blogger (bless her heart!) and I just sorta lean back and wonder if all the hard promo is worth it. The books that I wrote three years ago are selling better than my new ones. My blogging has died to a few words here and there, and nothing else. I am online now for the presence...just to keep my name and books on Google. LOL!

  3. I can imagine how frustrating doing promo constantly on your books and not getting reviews can be. There are sooooo many books to review and sooooo little time. I wish I could find a way to read books faster so I could review more. Right now, I have 25 books to review and that includes Jillian's Job. :) I have to be very careful or I'll have 100 + books on my list before I know it. Have you sent copies to review sites with a review request? None of your books are in our database Frannie. I'd love to read all of your books, help me make some clones!!

    1. LOL! Most of the bigger review sites tell authors not to sub review requests because they already get all of EC's new releases on a list. I believe TwoLips has reviewed lots of my books...just not recently.

    2. We still get requests from authors to review their books. I think they are doing it themselves because they don't want to wait for their publishers to do it. Plus a lot of authors are now indie authors, so they need to do their own.
      We are able able to request any book to review if it's not in the database. I just wanted to see if your new books were there and they weren't.
      See ya in a few weeks. HUGS!!

    3. Unfortunately the don't give us author copies of our books until the day they release them, so I have no ARC's to send out to reviewers. But I will be certain to send them over the moment they are out.


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