Sunday, August 5, 2012

A very lazy weekend...

Need to stop lying around and get outside...

If it just weren't for the 100 degree temperatures, I would do just that.  I am not a heat-loving person.  I could never live in Texas or southern California or Florida. I admire those of my author pals who revel in the high temps...but since I carry my own thermal-blanket of adipose tissue, heat is not my friend.

I can handle temps in the high 70's or even the low 80's...but when they slip up above 90, I am a total wimp.  I get heat stroke getting into a sun-heated car when I go to the store!  When I park my car out in the sun, I have to put those foil/mylar sun shades in all the windows to tolerate getting into it again. 

At home, I have a carport, but even that doesn't keep the steering wheel from toasting my hands or the interior temperature of the vehicle from melting my makeup if I am wearing any. That is probably why I don't wear makeup in the summer. At all.

Sigh.  How well do YOU handle heat?  Are you like me, needing an air-conditioner when the temp in the house hits 80?   Or do you lie in the sun on a patio and use those mirror thingys to bake yourself to a darker shade?  What is your comfort zone, temp wise?  Do you adore steeping like a tea-bag in a hot pool? Or do you spritz cold water over your face and arms? I for  one like to wet a hand towel with cold water and hang it around my neck when I go outside on super-hot days.  Keeps me from roasting alive.  I actually get heat-headaches in high heat.

Come on...share your heat index with us.





  1. Sorry Fran. I adore the heat. 100 is a pleasant day for me. Anything under 70 is too cold. I envy you having summer at the moment. Fortunately winter here seems to be done for another year.

    1. 100 and dry beats all heck out of 100 and 80% humidity. Utah is dry. We are at 5000 feet above sea level here and in a natural desert. Luckily we have water from our mountains. But 100 is still way to warm for this old lady. LOL!

  2. They say the naked body is at perfect ambient temperature at 82 degrees. That's what I like. Naked and 82 degrees :-)

    1. Snort! I can handle 82 degrees...but if I ran around naked the world as we know it would end...


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