Monday, October 8, 2012

Packing for a trip is arduous activity...

Packing all I need to take in ONE medium-sized carry on bag.
(It's tougher than it sounds...)
Um...socks go in the bottom, laid out flat. Underwear next, again laid out flat. My dress slacks. Four dressy tops. (One nice set of dressy slacks can work with any number of tops.) Two pairs of nice casual slacks. A couple of my book-cover T-shirts. My Pajama Party PJs (I sleep in a T-shirt). The two big leather belts that are to be my Zombie-night costume. (I am simply wearing a black T-shirt and my Zombie-Killer belt and a leather bandolier of bullets). My dress shoes. 

I will not be lugging my lap-top along this trip.  It's fairly big and heavy, and I hate having to unpack it, open it, turn it on, etc. just to get on the plane. I almost missed my flight last time because it took almost an extra hour to go through the garbage to get my bags through the xray machine, etc.  Oh, and having a titanium hip makes it even more of a joy. 

Of course, without my lap-top, I will be unable to get my e-mail, check my Facebook page (oh, woe is me!) and so on.  But then, maybe I can use someone else's computer.  Or buy one of those slimline, tiny, 7-inch thingys that can fit in your purse.

And my "purse". The piece de 24-inch long, 18-inch deep, 8-inch wide shoulder bag that carries my "real" purse, plus all my ziplock-bagged cosmetics, prescriptions, herbs, Alka-Seltzer,  allergy pills, tubes of Airborne, etc.  Can't leave home on a trip in a crowded plane with everyone around you coughing and sneezing without your tubes of Airborne.

If I could find a way to pack it, I would also take my car so that I could tour the area. 

I will NEVER take luggage that has to be checked. Too many ugly things happen to luggage.  (Just ask Laurann.)  After one trip where we took luggage that had to be checked (A Disneyland trip for my family) and coming up missing the bags with the most important stuff like cameras, tickets, etc.  I learned my lesson.

So, tell me how YOU pack for trips. What are your methods? Can you manage to get everything into a carry-on bag? Tell me about YOUR nightmares with luggage.  Have fun!

And if your comment strikes my fancy, you might win a copy of one of my back list books. 

(I's sad to have to bribe people to come to your blog, but authors can be totally shameless that way!)




  1. As you know I have all your books. I pack as light as possible. I refuse to check any bags. My ex's father used to deliver the luggage that got lost. It was a lucrative business. No thanks!

    Have fun. Wish I could join you this year.

  2. I don't envy you packing for a plane ride. I'm coming by car and will probably have 2 small suitcases (one for clothes and such and the other for promo items) plus any overflow of promo in a couple of tote bags.

    1. LOL! I mailed all my SWAG ahead in two huge boxes. It wasn't terribly heavy, but was large and bulky. But then, I sent my magnets in one medium Priority box...all 17 pounds of them went for $11.95...LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh. No laptop or extra suitcase? You're brave. I'm bringing two large suitcases and a carry on...with my laptop! Yes, they lost my bag last year and I was stuck in my room for half a day wearing a towel. LOL. I take all my electronics in my purse and laptop bag. In my defense though...I'm taking a few gifts so I needed the extra bag! Safe trip, hon. I can't wait to see you again and give you a big hug!

    1. I am just getting to OLD and WEAK to lug so much stuff through the various terminals and concourses...LOL! I am re-thinking taking my laptop...maybe I will...maybe I won't...

  4. Caught! They made me check my bag as I went down the walkway to the plane. But it was the first bag off the plane, because it was the last bag on! YAY!

  5. LOL! Next year I am DRIVING!!! I would rather be in a car for 28 hours than fly again as long as I live! Blogging tomorrow about my harrowing and not-so-fun plane trips!


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