Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The best Romanticon ever!

No...this is not an Ellora's Cave cover model...

This is the inimitable Fran Lee. Inimitable, you ask? How so? Well...I am the ONLY person who DROPPED her Super Star Award...four times. Snort! I am seriously thinking about having it framed in a shadow box to protect it from myself. Thank God they are made of sterner stuff than glass...they are made of heavy, strong, crystal-clear Lucite.

A wonderful time was had by all. Including Yours-Truly, who doesn't usually do well in large crowds. This was my third Romanticon Convention, and was the best yet. I met many wonderful new friends, and came together with many wonderful already-friends. Hmmm...did I just coin another phrase?

My SWAG was an apparent success. I gave away 800 Zombie and Debil Duckies. The funniest part was, I put stickers on the bottom of about 600 (I ran out of stickers the third day) and on 30 of the Duckies I placed "prize" stickers. I was told that people were taking several at a time, but only 15 people claimed their prizes.

 Zombie Duckies and Debil Duckies!

These little items went like crazy. I took gold-embossed "Fran Lee Romance" pencils and some darling tiny flip-flop erasers that were quite a hit, as well. You can always use pencils and erasers...right? I never knew so many women collected flip-flop collectibles. Good thing I brought about a thousand...

Like I said in an earlier post...UACC...Useful, Attractive, Creative, and Cheap. 

Please check out my Facebook pages and albums to see my Romanticon photos. I took nearly 200! 

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my trip...and how I really wanted to cash in my flight tickets and rent a  car after my arrival in Denver...only two hours late. My connecting flight was also late (thank heavens!) or I would have been in deep duckie doo-doo. 

Hugs to everyone!  I must be off...I have an alumni association meeting to get to.



  1. I was a little worried about you when I heard about all of the trouble it took to get there but it looks like you had a grand time. Can't wait to hear more:)

  2. Those duckies were adorable. And like a mother hen, Fran kept going to the swag table to check on her stash LOL

  3. I had to keep replenishing them...they went fast!

  4. It was so wonderful to see you again, Frannie. I can't believe the time went by so fast. And here we are again, waiting until Romanticon. lol
    I guess I will need to make a point of looking at duckie butts in the future. :)


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